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Horo Diary part 30

Cả hai lại tiếp tục lao vào đánh. Ả Mara vẫn ngồi vắt vẻo trên cái cầu thang đã gãy mất một nửa mà bình thản quan sát chiến trận, thậm chí không hề có một biểu hiện tức giận nào khi đám quỷ của ả lần lượt bị giết. 2,447 more words

Horo Diary

Researchers discover watching horror films can help you burn equivalent of a chocolate bar, with The Shining burning most

guardian.co.uk, Monday 29 October 2012 09.53 EDT

Watching scary movies can help you burn the calorific equivalent of a small chocolate bar, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Westminster. 257 more words

Behavior Modification

Deliver Us From Evil (2014) Review

This movie sounded like more of a horror based and modern take on Se7en from the blurb I had found online, which is why I took it upon myself to watch it. 371 more words


Inktober Day 20

Here’s today’s Inktober offering. My dad always used to do the Fr. Guido Sarducci voice and routines for me and my brothers when I was younger. 37 more words

Ebola, Shmola

Think Ebola looks scary? Try getting hives.

While everyone is busy focusing on the situation in Texas, you come down with what has to be the WORST CASE OF HIVES. 981 more words


Horo Diary part 29

_Thế là xong rồi hả?- Bạch Dương cầm kiếm bước ra khỏi nhà vệ sinh. Thanh kiếm cũng dính đầy nhớt.

_Không…- Kim Ngưu nói- Đâu thể nào đơn giản thế được? 1,329 more words

Horo Diary

The Exorcist Chronicles pt. 3

“Two for the price of one!” Mr Pringleberry cried in joy.

“That’s bad for business you know,” Lizzy said, eyes heavy with criticism.

“Depends on what business you’re in.” Mr Pringleberry snootily shot back. 592 more words