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Chapter Lucky 13! Beneath the pines

Beneath the pines.

I had been sleeping in the saddle for a while when someone spoke near me and I woke up. The rain was freezing against my neck and my tunic was cold and wet. 890 more words

The Exorcist Chronicles pt. 8

“Where’s Timmothy?” Miss Brown asked.

“Timmothy’s not here.” Lucy answered.

“Are we finally going to have an exorcism?” She asked eagerly.

“Oh, you’re out of luck,” Lucy leaned against the wall opposite the bed, thick sunglass concealing her eyes. 715 more words


Five Things Babies Do That Will Freak You the Hell Out

Now, I don’t consider myself a terribly nervous person. But, let me tell you, my first child has put my easygoing, take-life-as-it-comes personality to the test pretty much from day one. 892 more words

Hampton "Exorcist" Williams - Brings The Judge & Crowd to Tears with his Dance Moves [Full Audition Video]

Check Out The full Audition video of Hampton “Exorcist” Williams doing his thing with his touching dance moves to Evanescence “My Immortal” at “So You Think You Can Dance” which brought the Judge & Crowd to tears..


Horo Diary part 33

7h10’ thứ 7 ngày 17 tháng 11. Nhà Kim Ngưu. Phòng dành cho khách.

Bạch Dương mở mắt một cách khó khăn, cảm giác buồn ngủ vẫn còn làm đầu óc váng vất mơ màng. 1,388 more words

Horo Diary

#NaNoWriMo Named after the King: Chapter 12

Police brutality.

The rain had set in. It drummed on our shields with such racket that we couldn’t hear anything else. We rode through mud and the sky sat low above us, a mire of purple that dragged over the land. 1,591 more words

Where's An Exorcist When You Need One?

Dear Faithful and Patient Readers,

I have missed you this week!  It’s been a hectic, crazy life here. I can’t stand being in my own house because it was filthy… 658 more words