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There was rumor going around on Amazon a few months ago that Mike Carey was going to publish another Felix Castor book. I hoped it was true and maybe it will happen yet, but so far … there are five books and no more. 634 more words


The Corpus Cat Chapter Twelve of Thirteen

The Corpus Cat

Mr. Binger

Chapter Twelve of Thirteen

Barry goes to work the following day and he talks to Joel at the Corner Cafe. 1,629 more words

Short Story

Hallow-Holics Podcast, Ep. 4: The Devil in the Details (Angelheart, The Exorcist, Devil)

Discussing the most evil of all figures in cinematic/artistic/written history, the dark lord himself. Also a bit of Shyamalan rambling, but not too much. The video featured in this week’s post is of course the Angelheart trailer as well as a -remastered- copy of the old Fantasia sequence. 11 more words


Exorcist, the Night Knight (poem)

The Lord of the Night,

walking down the street,

finding his new victims,

the sound of his feet

is like your heartbeat,

but lost in silence. 217 more words


The TRUE STORY of the Trip...

Monkey’s Mom posted a post today, and I must set you all straight after reading her post.

It was a LONG TRIP with two kids. I am by no means a super mom and most of the time, I don’t even like kids; this trip solidified the fact that these kids were definitively trying to kill me. 303 more words