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Homemade Superhero: [James'] DIY Exoskeleton

We’re not just a bunch of monkeys with typewriters here at Hackaday; we don our hacker hat whenever our schedules allow. Or, in the case of Hackaday’s own —aka —he dons… 192 more words

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真正無形凳面世 隨時可坐低



瑞士Noonee公司發明這張「無形凳」(Chairless Chair),目的是解決工人長期站立而影響健康的問題。



Noonee 是一個類似機械臂的裝置,佩戴在後腳腳跟和大腿位置,當用戶需要坐下休息,只要按開關掣,然後坐下。Noonee 就會提供承托,讓用戶可以坐「無影櫈」。Noonee 需要一枚 9v 電池推動,能夠運作 24 小時。設計原意是提供在工廠長時間站立工作的員工能夠減低疲勞,增加生產力,同時保持類似站立的姿態,減少廠房提供椅子的空間。



發明「無形凳」的根路華(Keith Gunura)表示,靈感來自17歲時的打工經歷。當年他在英國一間包裝廠打工,因空間有限放不下椅子,需要長時間站著,啟發他發明「無形凳」。






Why I Live in the House by the Side of the Road

Why I Live in the House by the Side of the Road

By Shlomo  Maital

  In Sam Foss’s famous poem, he explains why he prefers the ‘house by the side of the road’, rather than the road itself: 471 more words

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Gravity is Relative: The Wisdom of Wasps

To humans, gravity means you keep your feet on the ground. Not so for wasps.

For them, it’s all fine to act that way when flying, but when you stop flying you react to what presents itself to you. 53 more words

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How robotic rehab may help young stroke victim reclaim future - CBS News

The Anklebot is a robotic exoskeleton mounted to a knee brace and custom shoe that was designed by MIT engineers to strengthen these muscles that are so crucial to a person’s gait, 12 more words


The 'Chairless Chair', an invisible chair that you can wear

It’s like a chair that isn’t there, but magically appears whenever you need it. It’s called the Chairless Chair and you wear it on your legs like an exoskeleton: when it’s not activated, you can walk normally or even run. 697 more words