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Winning Science September 12, 2014

Ever have that moment–perhaps at the DMV–when you wondered if the person you were talking to were actually brainless? Well a woman in China can truly make that claim, at least in part.   446 more words

Winning Science

Skeletal Shadow

Camera: Canon 700D
Location: Natural History Museum, Mdina

Exoskeleton : 01

Exoskeleton : 02


Lockheed Martin's FORTIS exoskeleton helps US Navy with heavy lifting

Exoskeletons are becoming more and more a reality. I think soon, in the coming years, it will be natural to see people working with some sort of exoskeleton, to augment their capabilities. 18 more words

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AirLegs Augment Your Cardio by 10%

Here’s another very interesting project to come out of the 4 Minute Mile challenge — pneumatically boosted legs.

It’s another project by in cooperation with DARPA. 148 more words

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Not much more can be said…here’s an exoskeleton:


Homemade Superhero: [James'] DIY Exoskeleton

We’re not just a bunch of monkeys with typewriters here at Hackaday; we don our hacker hat whenever our schedules allow. Or, in the case of Hackaday’s own —aka —he dons… 192 more words

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