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The impact of wearable tech on the healthcare industry

Prepare for human-tech interactions to become more personal, intimate and individual. Consumers are seeking cutting edge technology that is more accessible, convenient and integrated into their lives. 507 more words


Exoskeleton enables paralyzed groom to walk down the aisle

Matt Ficarra has been paralyzed from the chest down since an accident three years ago, but that didn’t stop him from walking down the aisle at his wedding. 92 more words


Nightcap - Oct 16

Exoskeleton and supercomputers are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Giant steps forward: ReWalk obtains FDA approval; IPO debuts

Marine Capt. Derek Herrera is walking.

That’s newsworthy because he was paralyzed from the chest down in June 2012 when he was shot in Afghanistan. Today he’s using ReWalk, invented in Israel by ReWalk Robotics. 50 more words


[REVIEW] Robot-assisted Therapy in Stroke Rehabilitation - Full Text

…Research into rehabilitation robotics has grown rapidly and the number of therapeutic rehabilitation robots has expanded dramatically during the last two decades. Robotic rehabilitation therapy can deliver high-dosage and high-intensity training, making it useful for patients with motor disorders caused by stroke or spinal cord disease. 210 more words


The origin of...Skeleton

“If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you’d best teach it to dance.” George Bernard Shaw

A skeleton is the supporting structure of an organism and two types can be identified: the exoskeleton (outer part) and the endoskeleton (support structure inside the body). 377 more words

The Human Body

MOOCs and learning futures

This post shares resources from professional learning held 6 October, 2014

The MOOCs offered by Melbourne Uni – (Multi Open Online Courses) are an example of an increasingly popular form of learning that’s having a liberating effect on populations worldwide.   179 more words