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Question of the Day: What is your " I'll never do that again"

I will never.. I mean NEVER!!.. try this again..


Durian smell like boiled rice that has been left in the heat for 12 hours with a mixture of dirty baby diapers. 21 more words

Rant And Rave

Uncomfortable Coverings on a Special Fruit

Now, I’m not one to balk at new things, but I came across a fruit that drive you away before you get to know it. It’s a… 210 more words

Exotic Fruits

Buy Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Online

Taking a walk in the fruits and vegetable market you may come across the weirdest looking and wonderful fruits. Give a try to the exotic fruits varieties available in the market. 224 more words

Exotic Fruits

Exotic Fruits help with Food Intolerance

Now, there is quite a bit of debate about whether food intolerance really exist or whether we are just being fuzzy. It is, however, a fact that food allergies exists and some people react to certain food stuff, even if these reactions do not count as fully blown allergies. 246 more words

Exotic Fruits