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Sofiatown a hollow victory for Apartheid

PETER FROST remembers South Africa’s most vibrant cultural location that was murdered, but never killed, 60 years ago

Just 60 years ago, in the summer of 1954, South Africa’s prime minister and architect of apartheid Daniel Francois Malan (below) and his ultra-racist National Party government had a real irritant and they needed to get rid of it. 785 more words


The Great White Whale

PETER FROST goes hunting for the great white Whale.

A year or so ago Ann and I spent a big chunk of our summer in Australia driving down the Queensland coast in a motor-home and watching the whales from the many headlands and beaches. 478 more words

The men of Rivonia

PETER FROST salutes Mandela and his comrades who were sentenced by the racist apartheid state 50 years ago

June 12 1964, half a century ago today, was one of the darkest days in the history of the liberation struggle in South Africa. 705 more words



MANAUS, Brazil (AP) — Death by giant snakes, malarial mosquitoes or drug-addled, knife-wielding thieves: If the barrage of blood-soaked headlines in the British tabloids is to be believed, that’s what awaits soccer fans travelling to the most exotic of Brazil’s World Cup host cities, the Amazonian metropolis of Manaus. 878 more words

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Elephant Poo

PETER FROST unravels the ecological travails of the elephants’ symbiotic companions in Addo National Park

Let me introduce you to my young friend William, he might only be 10 but he has a smart head on his shoulders. 649 more words

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