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Turkey, Aug 2013

Turkey was an impromptu trip I made. During my wonderful Greek holiday 3 years before, I looked at the world map and fantasized about setting sail from mainland Greece and island hopping through the paradise of Greek islands, landing on Turk soil and then up in a hot air balloon over the wonderland of Cappadocia. 174 more words


Plan Your Escape from Dallas to Some Pretty Exotic and Upscale Places

Texas is arguably the state with the strongest economy in the country. And Dallas, with its largest number of major corporate headquarters and booming job and real estate market, is the crowning economic jewel of Teas. 106 more words

Sofiatown a hollow victory for Apartheid

PETER FROST remembers South Africa’s most vibrant cultural location that was murdered, but never killed, 60 years ago

Just 60 years ago, in the summer of 1954, South Africa’s prime minister and architect of apartheid Daniel Francois Malan (below) and his ultra-racist National Party government had a real irritant and they needed to get rid of it. 785 more words