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Lets go CocoLoco

Coconut Oil is flying off the shelves from every health store, supermarket and market stalls all over the world. Why, and how has it become such a staple item in everyones home? 679 more words

What is a Kit Car?

Kit Cars – What are they?
Think of a Lego set, but for a car!
Why kit cars?
They are a car focused on performance or style. 1,019 more words


What Lies Ahead

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a wonderful time to reflect on all that I have been blessed to do and see, as well as an opportunity to look forward at what lies ahead for me.  96 more words


Try this!: Malaysian Food

Did you know that Malaysian cuisine is a mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian culture and foods? As a  Chinese born Malaysian, I learned how to appreciate the culture and food of my roots because that’s what my parents have taught me, to appreciate where I came from and the food. 680 more words

Adventure time!

Hi everyone,

Under supervision, Norman enjoyed a day out in the garden. We are glad to provide him with the space he needs to adventure as he would in the wild.


7 idyllic beaches around the world

Even though we love the Mediterranean, we can’t help but dream about exotic beaches, distant destinations and colourful new sunsets. I guess this week is all about lists and after yesterday’s… 335 more words


The end of the Ramadan in my city - Το τέλος του Ραμαζάν στη Λάρισα

Το Ραμαζάνι απο το τουρκικό Ραμαζάν απο το αραβικό Ραμαντάν έληξε φέτος στις 27 ιούλή. Είχε ξεκινήσει στις 29 ιούνη και χάριν στην ανηξιθρησκεία κάθε μικρή η μεγάλη μουσουλμανική κοινότητα ανα τον κόσμο γιόρτασε την επομένη, 28 ιούλη το πρωί τη λήξη του ιερότερου μήνα των μουσουλμάνων. 16 more words