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100m thieving

Already worked my way to 100m thieving exp after just 9 days or so of nolifing which is decent. 70m exp in a week and a half-ish. 344 more words


5 picks with strong fundamentals

Companies with top fundamentals — those with strong long-term revenue and earnings growth — are good prospects for watch lists.

These companies with top fundamentals are companies with three-year earnings per share and revenue growth rates of at least 25% — usually far higher. 543 more words

Stock Insights

Disney Cars Digital Camera - Red (27006-EXP-TRU)

Create fun albums and learn how to organize all your photos and videos with this Disney Princess digital camera with software. Edit and share your photos with friends and family. 14 more words

Transhuman Thrillseeking

Inspired by the cloning process in John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War and the trailers for Transcendence.


As computing capacity increased in the 21st century, it was inevitable that we’d digitize human consciousness. 734 more words

Game Design

Steve Mulenga

Steve Mulenga is a street puppeteer and he creates his own puppets from basic materials. Some complex and sometimes very simple but always amusing.

Video at: … 12 more words

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10 minute poem

To a goodnights sleep, and the dreams that spawn.
Soaring through the skies, and eternal life; cheers!
Realms where the impossible develop
And we’re gods with uncontrollable power… 45 more words


Sulking... AGAIN!

In my school, we sit in pairs. that means we all get to sit with someone next to us. I change every year. Sitting with someone new is an adventure, you know? 477 more words