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Forget about "brunch" and go to the "Healing Spa Event" this Sunday, 1pm at the Healing Fountain!

Fall Special: All cancer challenged people attend FREE!

Experience intense healing and a wonderful fun-filled spa experience!

DATE: Sunday, October 19th

TIME: 1 – 4:00 p.m. 106 more words

Themes for October and onward! - Healing Fountain blog




Life force energy


Vibrational energy

Healing Spa!

Healing spa event! Coming up in less than two weeks!

Chakra clearing

Massage therapy… 38 more words

The goal of becoming more aware ... of light creation

You can become more aware of your state of consciousness while opening to more of a broadened open awareness and higher states of consciousness. As you move into the third state or “seal of consciousness” you are awakening to your being-ness, where you will begin to detach and let go of the previous realms. 138 more words

Week in Review - blogs that focus on consciousness

Lot’s of new blogs last week. We talked about Vortex Mastery and how to transform in just 15 minutes. We asked lots of questions:

What is consciousness? 151 more words

Looking for harmony and serenity in your life?

Are you trying to “envision” the fifth dimension?

What “mental plane” are YOU on?

Are you in the spirit life, or waiting for it? Maybe all you need is the right “coach” – a guide, a healer, a balanced soul to hold your hand and show you YOUR way! 90 more words

The Healing Fountain is creating waves in Virginia Beach

The Healing Fountain is creating huge waves of positivity in Virginia Beach. How does Pamela Hopkins help so many people so quickly, some within 15 minutes of discussion? 199 more words

Expand your Consciousness and Awaken

How do we raise and expand our consciousness as we experience awakening into our truth? Our truth is “WE” are the awakening angels full of God Essence, bringing Heaven on Earth. 102 more words