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“He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me… Psalm 18:19″

Melody Beattie wrote this interesting piece of poetry: 295 more words

* Mitosis of 0 *

We do not know what existed pre-Big Bang.
Let us call it “0”

We can make assumptions about “voids” of various
flavors, but we certainly do not know… 116 more words


Fools in love.

I was nieve, I tripped and fell.  Over the heart thought I knew so well. Silly me, I was a fool. He was caustic and I knew. 53 more words


Been a while my friends…

Hello Again…

Coming with me videos from others and myself. Please enjoy them and many blessings on this journey.

This video is amazing to me, i love the information… I’m not going to promote any of the videos I post as truth, just watch/listen with an open mind and take the things you find interesting to a place in your mind whee you can mull them over, do further research if you want to, whatever it sparks in you, be free in your search for more.