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Soul Musings/Day 21: Offering

Solstice – the day with the least physical light. Darkness holding untold gifts that we have yet to unwrap.

Using this time of diminished light to explore the passages where breath moves. 353 more words

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Soul Musings/Day 14: Heart Openers

What better practice this time of year than to do heart opening.

Whether in a yoga class, in meditation, smiling at a stranger or gazing in someones eyes. 376 more words


Soul Musings/Day 12: Breathing Possibilities

We thrive and survive in possibility.

The next breath we take is rooted there.

That breath will be taken.

Or possibility shut off ……and we die. 201 more words

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Soul Musings/Day 10: Embracing Mistakes

Life is filled with them – mistakes that is. How else could we learn, grow and expand the creative breathing space and learn who we are if not for them. 337 more words

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Soul Musings/Day 8: The Final Pause

“The last breath we just took has been preceded by a series of inspirations, pauses, and expirations. At some point we release our final breath and transition on to what awaits us. 318 more words

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Soul Musings/Day 4: Giving The Gift of Presence

Giving presence is a gift to another and being present is a gift to yourself.  Today a very beloved friend learned that her eldest brother was in a car crash in which he was paralyzed from the neck down, and then taken off of life support. 428 more words

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Soul Musings/Day 2: Life is Breathing

Be present to life breathing around you, ever mindful of the artful ways that breath pulses among the minutest of cells and atoms woven amidst the field of Being that captures each one of us within the next inhale. 236 more words

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