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My Romania and my home

Every time that I go to Romania, I see it so differently: I see the change creeping in. I see the Bad, but oh, how I see the Good: I see the cyclists invading the Bucharest (what a beautiful sight), I see marathons, I see gay people


Tips for being unhappy abroad

  • Do not try and talk to the locals. Never mind their life stories and tips for a nice place to have lunch, you have your lonely planet guide for that.
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Also, Hanging It Is How I Know Where My Home Is

Sat in a Korean convenience store with my new Yashica Mat. Sipped on a drink and enjoyed the cooling air-conditioning on a 33 degrees Celsius day. 82 more words

Something Korean

Cinderella in flats

The other night I went out for the very first time on my own while daddy was looking after our babyboy. My good friend T and I went for a cosy meal – she is unfortunately soon leaving Dubai to move back to Denmark so I have to spend as much time as possible with her, this is one of the downsides living abroad; good friends leave for good :( (and yes miss T this is a complaint about you leaving!!). 400 more words


Part 3 of 3 - Homecoming

To be honest, I’ve put off writing this post. I have found laundry to do, books to read, closets to reorganize — anything to delay revisiting the day I returned home after Typhoon Glenda. 476 more words


Our latest Adventure....

Our latest adventure isn’t a fun one or an especially happy one. I thought about calling this post “Live & Learn” or “Lesson’s on Trust”, or possibly “How we Learned our lesson”…Pfffffft! 1,828 more words


You Don’t Have to Be Brave to do Field Work

When people say I am brave for coming out here, for doing the work that I do, my first thought is “No, I’m not.”

Partly, because people have no idea what the day-to-day work actually looks like in the field. 581 more words

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