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Baking in Britain: Waffles

What a nightmare baking has been. Are waffles even baked? Anyway, anything involving converting and measuring has just been an absolute mess in my house. 314 more words

Expat Life

How are your children coping?

Many of us are enjoying their holidays on a beach, with family and friends, ignoring (or deciding to ignore?) what is going on in other countries. 489 more words

Expat Life

A Rough Ride

I don’t know when they tore down this neighbourhood to make way for the expressway they’ve got coming across the Geum River, but the entire place is completely overgrown so it must have been a few years at least. 120 more words

Something Korean

Construction Progress....

I can’t just say ,”Casita” progress, because work is progressing to encompass the workshop as well. Things are moving along pretty well. We’ve started work on Scott’s workshop. 991 more words


Unexpected Hiatus

I haven’t written anything in a while.

I suppose, I haven’t written anything for a while because the week before I left Canada I couldn’t think of anything nice to say. 102 more words


Thursday List: Things to Bring and Not to Bring

I have to begin by saying 2 things: firstly, I was planning to write this sooner, hoping it would be a bit of help to the people moving to the UAE for the new school year. 608 more words


I miss 'The Colbert Report' but I love this message

I am now used to getting error messages on Pandora and Hulu, two of the streaming sites not available in the UK.

Usually the error messages are incredibly frustrating, but today I came across this wonderful message from “The Colbert Report.” Colbert wins the global internet.

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