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Break on through....

The other side of the river seems to be tooooo faaaarrr for some folks. C’mon. It’s so easy. Get a bike*. Ride it over the Pont de Pierre. 152 more words


Barking Mad

There is nothing like dogs barking at night to really get under your skin. It’s 5am in Jamaica, and I’ve given up on sleep once again, because of the racket outside. 938 more words

Expat Life

7 ways to cultivate more Good China Days

In a recent post I talked about Good China Days and Bad China Days. I said that to be happy as an expat one needs to be looking for Good China Day experiences. 1,193 more words

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Through the Camera Lens - My Photos Published in a Magazine!

Let me start from the beginning – the very beginning!   As most of you may already know from reading my blog, I have a passion for photography. 480 more words


Songkhran Splashing

As mentioned in my previous entry, last weekend was the Songkhran holiday or Thai new year’s. This actually isn’t an exclusively Thai event; it is celebrated under different names across of swath of countries in Southeast Asia. 337 more words


How to move abroad (and keep doing what you love)

This post was suggested by a fellow journalist in Brazil who intends to move to Australia with her (journalist) boyfriend in the future. As she pointed out, one of the main concerns people have when moving abroad is: “Will I be able to work within my area?”. 1,052 more words

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Day and Night in Al Ain

Hello and goodbye off. Why are you so fast?

I went to the church with my colleagues and as usual, for the grocery. Oh, I saw him. 51 more words