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Streets of Malta: Sliema

If you visit Malta as a tourist, you’ll probably take pictures of the beautiful old buildings of Valetta or of the typical Maltese balkonies coloured in the brightest blue, red or yellow. 259 more words


this is south india

Cool mornings, steamy afternoons, rainy evenings.

Sometimes the rain falls all night, ensuring sound sleep (unless you left laundry hanging outside and remember with a jolt upon hearing the drops fall outside your open windows). 189 more words

the colors of the rainbow

Brisbane is definitely turning it up a notch for the upcoming G20 Summit. Let’s just forget for one second all the disruptions that this weekend meeting for world leaders will entail and focus on what the Queensland Government has put on to keep the public distracted from the negatives and to enjoy showcasing Brisbane instead. 149 more words

Life In Brisbane

How to say 'delicious' in Chinese

‘Oishi’ in Japanese, ‘deliciex’ in French, ‘delicioso’ in Spanish…. easy right?

Not until you’ve tried it in Chinese… haha. Here my sweet cousin Tessa gives it a bash with a little help from our friend.



Click Click Whrrr

Cameramen at a concert in the park in Gunsan last weekend.

Unfortunately, the mics on the audience and the crowd barrier prevented me from getting a full body shot of the photographer. 179 more words

Something Korean

Ajiaco With Friends and a View

This past weekend some friends from Siena´s class invited us to an ajiaco party. Ajiaco is a traditional soup from the Bogota area consisting of chicken, corn, and several different types of potatoes served with a hearty slice of avocado, rice, capers and heavy cream on the side. 124 more words


On Thankfulness

Living in India teaches you many things – but one of its lessons, whether you’re ready for it or not, is about being thankful. In recognition of the Thanksgiving season being upon us, and Canadian Thanksgiving having passed whilst we have American Thanksgiving next month, I wanted to do a post on thankfulness. 559 more words