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OMG...I'm Writing a Book: The Events That Started It All

Yes, I am writing a book!!

There – I said it! There it is in big bold letters for the world to read and everyone to see! 917 more words


Starting Life as an Expat

Brussels, Grand Place

“And you? What’s your name?”

“Where are you from?”

“How old are you?”

“What are you doing in Brussels?”

You get the same questions over and over again, and sometimes you feel like you are  glued to a wall while everybody stares at you. 556 more words

Expat Life

Once a Social Pigeon, Now a Social Alien

Not only am I an Immigrant Alien as they so kindly call us at USCIS, but i’m now a Social Alien. Wonderful. 

Being an Expat can be a whirlwind of emotions at times.  483 more words


Trader Joe's in Baton Rouge

I grew up in a family that loves Trader Joe’s. We spent so many years living in Germany, and I believe Trader Joe’s is owned and operated by Aldi’s, a large German chain. 151 more words

ExPat Life

History and Me

Armenians being Marched by Turkish soldiers near Van 1915

Postcard from Yerevan

I stumbled on the rocky ground but managed to grab hold of the piping rail and pull myself up the grid iron steps to the rear landing of the carriage, just as the train picked up speed.   1,645 more words


All That I Hold Dear

Postcard from St.Kilda

I am going to Armenia. Say goodbye to the dundun ding ding of the Carlisle St trams and their electric hum and steel track and grit as they rattle down to Luna Park. 973 more words


Expatriate Life: An Update from the Brussels Bubble

I’m in a café in Brussels, where I find myself living. Brussels is the kind place that happens to people. No one chooses to be here, exactly. 1,157 more words