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Liebster Blogger Award Nomination!

Unsavvy Travels has been nominated for the Liebster Award! Coming up on about one year of blogging, I’m thrilled at the support of new followers and fellow bloggers. 909 more words


Cheap Haircuts in Chinatown

When you have Asian hair, you don’t let just anyone cut it. Before I knew this, I had had my fair share of bad haircuts, done by stylists who weren’t used to cutting my hair. 892 more words

South Africa

Ode to Joy(ce)

– Foorrreigner! He bellowed out, the beer sloshing about his skull as he stopped his long distance phone conversation. He teetered forward, a drunkards smile upon his face. 489 more words

Something Korean

Tribal dance

Having lived abroad for almost a decade means that I have very few friends left here in Athens, where I spend most of my summer every year. 271 more words

Bliss In Style

No eating, no drinking, and other Ramadan realities

Lasting a month, Ramadan is a time when Muslims reflect upon their faith. So what’s it like as an expat in the UAE?

For the entire month, pretty much no one – including Westerners – is allowed to eat or drink during the day in public, from the time sun comes up until it drops down again. 451 more words

Danae Mercer

Introducing Expat Extractors, LLC

by Fred Colton

Hey you, over there. Yeah, you—with the hoodie and pit stained T-shirt, hunched over that convenience store ATM seeing if you’ve got enough in the account for a one-way flight back to the motherland. 915 more words