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A Scene To Remember

5 years on after the movie was released.
I do not want to upset anybody with my post, but this scene is still remembered because -I think- it does relate to most people. 65 more words


Expectations vs. Reality

You expect me to show that I care.

The reality is that I do; too much to give you that kind of satisfaction.

Embracing Life Assisted

The NICU is a hive abuzz with activity.

Not the frantic hustle of emergency, but the rhythmic undercurrent of life assisted.  A nurse bends over an isolette to change an impossibly small diaper; the doctor reaches in to listen to little lungs as they rise and fall;  The IV tower ticks as medicine drip-drip-drips into a tube that flows into a tiny vein.   605 more words

Revelations and Questions

Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan– Before I even started planning the trip here I’ve had this romanticized, Lost in Translation-style version of Japan stuck in my head. 459 more words


I am Slowly Going Crazy (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Switch)

Alright, alright, I can just imagine those of you who know me well are laughing to yourselves while saying “Um, sister?  That ship sailed a looooonnnnnnnggggg time ago…,” but hear me out on this one. 1,098 more words

Expectations vs. Reality

“I was supposed to be having the time of my life.”

– Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar


What I would tell elementary school Ashley:

Kick every boy who makes you feel ugly. 873 more words

Expectations VS Reality.

I’m working on a new project for my Material Studies class and am having a hard time deciding which edited images to use.  I would really appreciate any and all input here.   89 more words