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Altering Expectations

Expectations lead to resentments.


In a way, expectations are a part of the human condition, it’s nearly impossible not to have an idea in your head of how things should go, how they should look, etc.

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Getting Sick in the Holidays/ Sick Expectations vs Reality/What to do if you're sick

Okay, trust me. Getting sick in the holidays. It happens, in fact, in the middle of my vacation, I got ill, and basically, I caught the flu. 623 more words

The Reality of Prom...

So, it’s pretty random to talk about prom now but I feel obligated to share this simple fact: Prom is not anything like you expect it to be. 1,224 more words


Going Home for the Holidays: Expectation VS Reality

So it’s that time of year again. The holidays. And if you’re a student like me, that means one thing … going home. Now there is a huge difference between going home for the holidays as a student and going home as an adult. 1,346 more words

The Unbridgeable Gap

By my count, it’s been exactly two weeks since Mack first came down with what we’re fondly referring to as “the plague” in my house.  Two weeks.   1,106 more words

Post Traumatic Divorce Disorder

I think this should be a new clinical term for those who suffer painful divorces.

Finding out your ex is a sex addict who can’t keep his eyes off of other women, who prefers fantasies to reality, was a devastating revelation. 2,081 more words