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Vacation: The Skydiving of Parenthood

Original photo by Lachlan Rogers via Flickr.

When I was in college, I went skydiving as part of an end-of-season celebration for my summer job.  On one hand, this is completely out-of-character for me:  I am incredibly risk averse, and don’t particularly like heights or flying.   1,060 more words

Moving in With Your Boyfriend: Expectations vs. Reality

Men and women aren’t the same. We find different things important but we learn to share in our partner’s views because we love them and would do anything to see them happy. 764 more words

Food For Thought

Expectations vs. Reality of Online Dating

After recently deciding I was getting too old to be messing around with the kind of guys I was meeting in bars, gyms, and wherever else you meet guys who aren’t worth your time, I reluctantly joined the world of online dating. 1,294 more words


A LTYM Reflection

“What were you thinking?!?!”

If I’ve learned anything from the (very few) parenting books I’ve read, it’s this:  when your child does something that seems completely illogical or unacceptable, no matter how much you want to, you should avoid asking that question.   831 more words

New addictions? #smokefree

Red wine
Late nights
Hair washing
Lip chewing
Nail filing
Eyebrow plucking

Looking forward to, and still waiting for:
Fruit eating… 6 more words