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Falling Flat

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you do your cake just refuses to rise?

I remember once I decided to make a birthday cake for my friend’s surprise party. 519 more words

Great Expectations

I’ll never forget how I felt one particular day upon returning to the NICU after grabbing a bite to eat. The nurse on shift had updated my son’s vitals on the little white board in the cubicle that served as his home during his stay in the nursery: vitals/weight/ bath. 1,264 more words


Take Your Expectations

Take your expectations
& poke yourself in the eye
I’m not a dancing clown
I’m merely a humble guy
I do not work for you… 18 more words



Last Sunday’s sermon. Sorry for posting this really late. I kept forgetting about it :/

This sermon was based on the little passage of dinner at Martha’s house in Luke 10… 921 more words

Terrible vs. Terrific Twos

Back in Community College when I took the course in Early Childhood Development, my instructor said to the class that instead of seeing two-year-olds as terrible, we should see them as terrific. 110 more words


Take Actions, the Start of Love


  • Love is an Unseen Force

    What, is love? Shou-Ji Yu had beaten around the bushes, and shared her own stories: she, from fifteen years ago, became paralyzed in the legs abruptly, her original life got turned upside down.

  • 1,468 more words
Feelings & Emotions

What Do You Expect?

A great question! What are our expectations? What do we expect and who are we relying on for those expectations to be met?