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It's Real-er

We heard the heartbeat about 3 weeks ago. That was a surreal moment. It was fast, like galloping horses, so much so that I didn’t recognize it when I heard it. 410 more words

We Should Applaud NY Mets’ Daniel Murphy for taking Paternity Leave

So many of you know, I’m not a “big” sports fan (Horns, tennis, boxing, and MMA is about all I follow .. and poorly at that), but we’ve got a big story with some HR implications coming out of sports news. 709 more words

Putting It All Together

I Swear I'm Not Angry!

Once again, I find myself making clarifications from my last post,  I like to write with feeling and post immediately, typos and grammar errors and all, but if I need to keep posting follow ups I may need to change how I do these posts.   315 more words

What I Should and Shouldn't Do

It’s week ten now. Since my last post, my wife is still sick, but we’re hopeful that it’s passing.  She’s only averaging 3 – 4 vomit sessions per day now, as opposed to 12 – 15, and they’re typically triggered by strong scents or if she moves too quickly or exerts too much energy.   636 more words