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The Expendables 3: Great Fun and Guilty Pleasure

Like Sin City 2, The Expendables 3 had a tough time at the box office. However, despite these poor returns, bad reviews and the unfortunate leaking of the film on line, this is a really fun popcorn flick. 337 more words


STACK Pod - Ep 75 - Sly and the Family Stallone

This week we talk Rocky, Rambo, Tango, Dredd, Barney Ross himself Sylvester Stallone and his incredible career spanning over 40 years! This man is a Legend!!! 102 more words


Rocky Balboa and Rambo 5 - Attack on Nursing Home Delta

Readers, I’ll let you in on a secret.  Hell, there’s only like three of you reading, so it will still remain a secret after I’ve told you. 1,118 more words


The Expendables 3 Review

Shadow’s Overall Rating: 4/10– It lost all its charm, violence, and basically… fun. It was pretty much just boring.

Shadow’s Initial Rating: 4/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 634 more words

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What You Missed: Dec. 13, 2014

Written by O’Boyd

Another new feature in Cinema Corner 2.0 is our wrap-up file of all the movie-related events from the day. Think the Drudge Report meets Hollywood. 405 more words

What You Missed

Worse News: Samurai Cop 2: The Deadly Vengeance- fight training and more!

Things are obviously moving along quite nicely as Matt Hannon and Mindy Robinson go trough the rigorous fight training. Matt’s Samurai chops look better than ever… 58 more words

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The Expendables 3 - 2014

For a basic and blatantly idiotic premise that has been repeated almost identically before with the second “Expendables” film, there was checklist with various elements that would determine if “The Expendables 3” was any different to its previous 2 chapters.   752 more words