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Why is the Synagogue So Expensive?

Why is synagogue membership so expensive?

• Synagogues run on membership subscriptions because that allows for predictable cash flow and budgeting.  Every synagogue has its own formula for setting dues. 451 more words


How to Fully Deduct Business Gifts

Many business owners might not be aware of this, but gifts that your business gives out to vendors, customers, or other business associates are only tax deductible up to $25 per year, per recipient. 112 more words


How to: Save Money While Building Your Emergency Kit

Emergency preparedness kits do not have to be a bulky container or expensive. There are cost saving methods to building your emergency kit. The first way to save on cost is to reuse an older binder for emergency information. 428 more words


The Price of Living

In the morning she’d work nine to five

But she never made enough to stay alive

She needed away to make the pay

Something to keep the landlord away… 266 more words

How to Save on Remodelling

If you think that remodelling is an unnecessary expense indulged in by those who have nothing better to do with their money, think again. Although it can be a quite pricey undertaking, the investments that you will make when remodelling will eventu…

Having fun tracking your expenses?

Of course not.  Whether you’re a road warrior filing expense reports or just staying on top of your business or personal expenses, it’s a pain.  More painful when you forget and lose the reimbursement or tax write-off.  192 more words


Investing demands discipline. Before driving the road of prosperity, it’s important to determine where you currently stand. If you are serious about getting ahead, follow these steps: 199 more words