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Things for ((sub)urban) black persons to consider before marrying a white person

Pardon the graphic opening – it’s just a little bit of an overshare. Also pardon the gross generalisations inherent in my personal observations/reflections below: I know not all white people who go camping are wealthy for it is sometimes possible to acquire some of the expensive kit from yard sales and thrift stores (Dan, for instance, didn’t grow up rich; he grew up with cultural privilege but monetary under-privilege and thus acquired much of his camping gear in relatively inexpensive ways) and some black people go camping ’cause they like it – not because anyone made them do it (whether by applying social or material duress) … I’m just not one of them! 1,844 more words

Many Factors That Would Effect Bathtub Liners Expense by Interior Design Blog

Paul B Fabela, July 21st, 2014. Bathroom Layout, Several Issues That Would Impact Bathtub Liners Price.
There are some possibilities that you could do to make your bathtub far more stunning. 40 more words

Chapter 45: The Workplace was Sacred

Initially, I looked outside the office windows to see if he had been waiting outside for me. Perhaps to go through with what he didn’t initially a month and a half earlier. 833 more words

Marijuana Arrest Facts, Part II

Fact: In 2010, states spent nearly a $500 million incarcerating people for marijuana possession,

Fact: In 2010, states spent $1.4 billion in adjucating cases for marijuana possession… 14 more words


How much does it take?

As we begin to phase out of our ministry at NTM Canada’s headquarters (in November), and into another full-time ministry, called Partnership Development, several of you have asked, … 332 more words

Let's Not Kill All the Lawyers

Shakespeare wrote, “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” It is a tempting proposal. But it has problems. If we killed all the lawyers, you know what would happen next? 1,102 more words

What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Unpredictability. Being a creature of habit, unpredictability makes me nervous. I don’t like it. I can deal with it, but all things considered, I’d rather not. 287 more words

What Annoys Jeff This Week?