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Simply Saturday.

This day was for me very random day out with family except that were not complete due to randomness. HAHA. I was hesitant to go with the crew because I just woke up, haven’t taken a bath and it was shining bright like more or less a diamond outside. 278 more words


Concept: Schisms and Conflict

Conflict is the mother of story. Without conflict, a story is either pointless – and therefore boring – or simply has not yet reached the point where conflict has been introduced. 1,617 more words


Should I Hire YOU?

I have been taking interviews for a very long time now. In these years, I have met many kind of people and it is a very tough job to select the right one. 371 more words


Different Experiences, Different Temperaments, Different Conclusions

No two people have had the same experiences and no two people have the exact same temperaments. That is why no two people can agree on everything. 17 more words


What No One Tells You About Traveling Alone

Recently I have read many articles talking about traveling abroad alone and soon enough, they all started to sound eerily similar. They all glorify being completely immersed in another culture, being completely free to do what you want when you want, and how meeting other people traveling is so simple, giving a very romanticized version of what traveling alone is like. 986 more words