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Based on more than 2,000 consumer surveys across the U.S., Acquity Group’s 2014 Internet of Things (IoT) Study examines consumer adoption of connected devices and smart technology now and in the future. 6 more words

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Why Customer Experience Matters

After 15 years working as a design consultant with technology focused clients and partners, I’ve largely stopped answering the question, “Why do we care about users?” Rather than having a finely tuned answer to this question, I find myself replying more and more often, “It just does,” biting back the “duh” that naturally follows. 1,138 more words

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How to Pitch to Your Stakeholders like Don Draper


A recent episode of Mad Men had a great exchange between Peggy Olsen and Don Draper, where she finally asks Don: “Teach me. 108 more words

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Transforming The Now into the Next…

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Lessons from a Cabbagetown barbershop

There is a small barbershop tucked away on a tiny street in Cabbagetown, a cozy Atlanta, GA neighborhood dating back to the 1800s. Walking into this shop for the first time could be a bit intimidating given the neighborhood’s eclectic nature. 599 more words


Creating Unique Experiences

Not too many years ago, it was a struggle for most people to get their basic needs met. My dad, for instance, started working on the neighbouring farm when he was 6, in return for 2 meals a day – oatmeal, potatoes – simple things to fill your stomach. 576 more words


User Experience Report: Does The Application of Game Elements Result In Improved User Engagement?

61% of participants were at least somewhat familiar with gamification

Most participants were rather well versed in gamification with 57% able to produce an example. Overall women were slightly more familiar with gamification than men. 301 more words