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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

What is the craziest thing you did for love? Ask this question randomly and you’ll most likely get a stifled laugh. I’ve been asking this question the whole day. 1,075 more words


Women are from Venus, or a paintbrush ... or the paint tool.

Titian’s Venus of Urbino (1538) is a complicated painting in itself – is she Venus, or is that just an excuse to ‘OK’ painting such an erotic nude? 573 more words


Tabula Rasa

This is how I feel right now.

Unwritten page of a book.


I have got to this place through a very rocky and dangerous road. 522 more words

All the world's stage

You write: “Of course, if everything is like a dream (mithyA), then the sages and their scriptures are a part of that dream. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the teachings and the scriptures are not useful for awakening from the dream.” 283 more words


My Dialogue in the Dark Experience

It’s a bright Saturday and I’ve overslept and missed my class but I was due to participate in a Dialogue in the Dark workshop held at the Asian Institute of Management and I wasn’t about to miss it for the world. 881 more words

The sleeper train in Vietnam

There is foreign opera music blaring into my ears as I awaken and gather my bearings. A little confused, I then remember boarding a sleeper train last night in Hanoi, Vietnam at 11pm. 478 more words


Making Busy Work

This week marks the beginning of my final year of college. I feel a little all over the place, trying to decorate my apartment and stay on top of my studies from the start. 253 more words