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The stiffening fear.

Excuse me if I’m sounding a bit insane. This is all I’ve ever known and I wanted to ask if you’ve had something of the similar experience. 269 more words

Post Easter Indulgence

It’s Easter Monday and I am EXHAUSTED

What a weekend that was! I would definitely put this weekend in the category of those kind of holidays where you think your going away for some RnR but you jam pack it with activities you need a holiday to get over the holiday. 330 more words

Being a tall woman: Good things

I don’t think about being tall that much these days but I was standing in the kitchen at work the other day and a statuesque woman came up to me and said ‘it’s so nice to see another tall girl around here!’. 436 more words


Summertime Travel!

When I told my friends, I was off on a vacation over the weekend they wanted to know my destination. And when I mentioned the name of the town in Andhra Pradesh, they were amused that instead of taking a break from the heat, I was in fact  jumping from the frying pan and right into the fire! 222 more words

Filipino and Canadian Cultures

I immigrated to Vancouver, Canada after growing up in the Philippines for almost 20 years. I hardly miss my own country so much. 5 years passed by, I once visited to Manila and stayed there for two months. 1,500 more words


First times

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
A question that will make you pause for a moment and wonder, yeah! When was it or what was it? 203 more words