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That feeling you get when life is out to get you.

Just when you feel like life couldn’t get any better there are a lot of times when life screws you over and bites you in the ass. 332 more words


Glorious Sunday at Tomorrowland

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time at festivals in Belgium, Flanders in particular, really living the festival life, minus the cold showers & sleeping in a tent. 731 more words


Let's Take a Trip: Part Two!

“Anywhere would be better than being stuck up here”, the taxi driver admitted as he fetched my bags from the boot. I was inclined to agree with him; after all, just yesterday I’d been forced into the road as an old dude with a beast of a mobility scooter ploughed through everything and everyone around him at a good 10mph, gazing serenely ahead as he decimated the plants and flowers beneath his tyres. 778 more words


July Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Spec Ops - The Line

Challenges get easier to complete when you play a game so engaging in story and character that it’s impossible to want to put the controller down. 803 more words

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Sightseeing My City - Cocktail Making at Battersea Power Station

What do you do in London when it’s the weekend and the sun is shining? Get down to Battersea Power Station and take part in an outdoor cocktail making master class, that’s what! 418 more words


She Walks In Beauty

Since I have started term three of Grade 12 I have been swamped with assessments and have had little to no time for anything to do with ‘fun’. 306 more words


OMG It's Almost Time!

Medical school starts in 4 days and I’m getting more and more excited by the second. Before yesterday, I was pretty nonchalant about the start of medical school. 482 more words