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From life at the “office” to living Nature

“Life at the office” is the term used to describe our worldly experience of a man-made world away from the laws of Nature.

When our mind is immersed in the “world at the office,” then our understanding of the Universe and the way Life operates will be very limited. 857 more words


Binge Watching TV Shows? Ain't No One Got Time For That!

As a kid, I always loved watching TV and there was always a show I wanted to watch. Being a kid born in the ’80s and having grown up towards the end of that decade and into the ’90s, I stand by my firm belief that the best television shows have come out around those times. 756 more words


Short experience #1: B/W stencil graffiti

Time is something you don’t always have at your disposal, especially when you are two people trying to do things together. The past weeks have been quite flat therefore we decided to do something quick that has been on our list from the night of times: a stencil graffti. 78 more words


How to get a visa for Iran

Less than a month to go! I’m not-so-secretly counting down the days, I’m way too excited for this.. Now that I’ve just picked up my passport from the Iranian Embassy in Brussels, visa for the Islamic Republic of Iran included,  I’m having a hard time pacing myself not to start packing already! 1,322 more words


Space Diving in Honduras

OFF THE MAINLAND coast of Honduras in Central America, there lie two small islands – Utila and Roatan – renowned for their hedonistic nomadic lifesyle. 1,123 more words


Daily appreciation at night...

As I sit here at 03:45 listening to 🎵Dark🎵 by Luke Sital Singh, a song I discovered whilst watching an episode of ‘Suits’, I feel compelled to write. 590 more words


Airport Adventures

Good morning!
I haven’t even been awake for two hours yet but I’ve already had quite the adventure.

It started off with a 2:30 am wake up call. 609 more words