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The Energy Never Dies!

Last night, I got to see my favorite band of all time (The Script!!) for the third time and at my favorite Orlando venue- House of Blues! 603 more words

Irrwege mit V., 5, or, Finis

Apologies for the length; this is the last one about V.

Absurdly, only two people visited me in the US. One of them was J., I never understood why he spent that much money to see me. 3,489 more words


Japan [6 Weeks]- #Day 1

Greetings from Osaka!

Yes, for the whole of yesterday, I was absolutely convinced that I wouldn’t make it. I mean I’m already terrible with aeroplanes to begin with and I had to endure two six and a half flights. 671 more words


Nashville Wine & Food Festival

Jason’s good friend, Chris Connally, has been living in Nashville for a couple of years – and invited us to the Nashville Wine & Food Festival… 247 more words


How I Learnt to Love Food (Part Two of Two)

In part one of this piece I discussed how my parents have left an indelible mark on understanding and love of food. Here in part two I look at how Mayo College’s rich food culture has created some of my favorite food memories. 872 more words


Deco Collection on Art Rookie


Today is a special day with my Deco Collection up on Art Rookie’s website.

My Print’s will be made to order as a variety of items including: 67 more words


Free love

Through the last few months, I’ve been listening to Depeche Mode frequently.

This song has grown on me. I like all the different bodies in it, and the run-down neighborhood, probably in the American South, which has become one of the landscapes of my heart, in spite of the cars, the lack of books and the knife-sharp loneliness. 105 more words