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The Patient Gamer: How I'll Suffer Through Mediocre Gameplay To See How A Story Ends

Patience is a situational thing for me. Sometimes, I have it in abundance and other times I barely have any before I’m ready to throw my hands up in the air and yell to the ceiling, “FORGET IT!” Playing certain video games is a test in patience for me and I find myself expanding it more and more when I’m playing a game with so-so to terrible gameplay, but makes up for it in the writing itself.


Illegal Life Jacket

What does one do when addiction becomes a way of life?

Growing up I was sheltered from a lot of things. I was raised in a Christian home with a loving family and all of my friends were people that I had met at church. 323 more words

The desk. And choice.

It was 08h45 when I walked past an office window, filled with row-after-row of desks and people staring into computer screens.

I was walking back from a morning Pilates session at the Solarium – where we’d caught the sun coming up and watched cormorants diving for fish. 238 more words


Happily moving forward...

Last Thursday I finally established with a new gynecologist here in Miami. It took a while to get in, but so far I’m pleased with her approach. 273 more words

Why so secret? The Ajanta Experience

The first thing that strikes one is how thoroughly concealed these caves are. You can only see it once you are in the complex. No one, even a kilometre away, would have a clue that something like this exists. 1,079 more words


Mindset for Escaping/Rebuilding

If you are reading this, thinking how desperately you want things to change in your current situation, you are ready to begin your journey. Somewhere inside of you, an unconscious decision has already been made; the only thing stopping you is the overwhelming feeling of helplessness and the question: “Where do I even begin?” 1,459 more words


What's the meaning of this?

It appears that most of us waste time on searching for meanings that just do not exist. Some things just do not have meanings, even if we try to make something up, the meaning still does not exist. 220 more words