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Continuing the Story

So, yesterday I was very much focused on the idea of both the important role that storytelling can play in our lives, our cultures, our development and the idea of returning to things in your life, seeds that had been planted in your soul a long while ago, when the time is right. 1,119 more words


If and Now

These days are not for work son. There will always be a time to work and work hard. But now, the time you are spending working now, is to be invested in living. 90 more words

"What's wrong?"

I’m writing this quickly before I have to the gym so… you know… errors.

I’m tired of the question “What’s wrong?”

That sentence above does not begin to describe how I really feel about it. 317 more words


Day 39. Facilitators in the classroom

Faculty are experts in their respective fields, but that doesn’t necessarily make them effective teachers. What is taught in the classroom is important, but how it is taught is crucial. 49 more words


A culture of punishment

Ananda went to the dentist. :-) In that office, different posters caught his attention.
“One American dies every hour from oral cancer.”
“One cavity is too many.”
451 more words


Off to Boston!

Hi everyone!

Well, I’m off to Boston. God has truly blessed me with this opportunity to visit a new city with some of the most amazing friends. 127 more words


A Theory Why

I’m sure at some point in Secondary school we feel it is the most stressful period in our teenager life. Why? Because we’re trying to focus on so many things at once: academics, people, friendships, relationships, changes and the list goes on. 100 more words