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Where is the Restroom? Outside, Up the Bamboo Ladder...

Looked out a window of our hotel in Hong Kong to an amazing view of buildings… it is Kowloon, things are tight there.  I was a little upset about the view until I noticed 2 urinals. 235 more words


A Confession, Buskers and Beggars

The sound of music echoed up and down the tunnel. The sickly green yellow tiles of the tunnel underneath Sydney’s Central Station are not designed for great acoustics. 692 more words


Roadtrip to Belgium: Day 4

So on day 4 of our Belgium trip we decided to visit Grottes De Han, the famous caves near the town of Han-Sur-Lesse where the river Lesse passes through. 323 more words


Industrial Media: Task One

I hope get a chance experiencing what it is like to use cameras and the sound system to its full potential – previously, I had no experience so the exercises during the intensive were definitely something new to me. 93 more words


Veggetti: Wow. Could You Come Up With A Worse Name If You Tried?

The Veggetti? Seriously? Who thought that name was a good idea? That’s pronounced “va-jet-y”, for those of you who didn’t get it. Try to say that word without smiling, or without wanting to smile. 806 more words

Dear Diary...

OMG! It happened…

So all year I’d been wondering why all the other girls had crushes and I didn’t. We live next door to a house filled with hundreds of guys and we share a dining hall with them. 297 more words


Morning Jewels

Yesterday morning was cool and felt more like the end of September than mid-August. I set out on my morning walk with no expectation of what I might find. 168 more words