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Travel bug...

So there is this thing going round called the travel bug.. I am sure you’ve all heard of it, but have you or are you experiencing it? 190 more words


One Month in Northern Ontario

Ever since my boyfriend started flying for Thunder Airlines I have been traveling regularly to and from northern Ontario. As a hyperative traveler, I like to stay busy regardless of when traveling within Canada or abroad. 386 more words

Turquoise Compass

Unfinished business

Our last blog post was about picking up half-read books. But books are not the only ‘projects’ that are easily left half-done. There are abundant examples of half-sewn, half-painted, half-built things around the average person or household. 608 more words

The Last Day of July

Lamb had a hairstyle that matched the icon I stole off a french bottle of wine. what can I say? I love it. It is not natural in the least in the unyielding pony and the red hair colouring selection Lamb gives is even more unnatural. 2,196 more words


Technologically Savvy - Socially Inept

Albert Einstein once stated a quote regarding the future of humanity if technology would continue it’s onslaught on human beings. The inability to converse, socially inept, and introversion are common now compared to decades past. 425 more words


Ban the Hugs: Studying Abroad, American-Style

Ban the Hugs: Studying Abroad, American-Style

by Alexandra Talty via “Forbes

I was 18 years old with my three other newfound friends and we were quite literally stuck in the steep cliffs of Cinqueterra, Italy. 314 more words

Study Abroad

A Season in the Life of Lace

Queen Ann’s Lace also known as Wild Carrot (Daucus carrota) is one of my favorite plants. Each summer¬†my grandmother and I would pick some and experiment with food coloring to see capillary action at work. 63 more words