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Four Ways to Live a Life that Matters

1. Put people first.

At the end of your life, it’s doubtful that you will wish you spent more time at the office, more hours studying, or more nights watching Netflix (Although I’m really loving PLL right now!).   338 more words


Missouri Part 3 - Botanical Garden

‘April showers bring May flowers’ but you’ll find mother nature awfully kind to Missouri’s Botanical Garden because I found gorgeous flowers there even in the beginning of April. 124 more words


Down For the Count

You know those times when it feels like nothing is going right for you? Well, that’s where I’m at currently and it really sucks. Burned my dinner earlier tonight, lost in intramural soccer game, struggling to stay motivated in school and I now feel more single than ever. 58 more words


Several Learning Experiences

The greatest thing about 4-H is all of the different opportunities it provides you with to learn. It’s sort of like this great big vault of potential waiting to be tapped. 343 more words


Capitalism is the Problem

A post by Ed Che.

Please re-share this if you like it!!!! Sometimes these ideas are big and they go into the consciousness but they don’t get read and interpreted, so a primary note please like or share the url! 1,826 more words


balancing conflict

Conflict typically arises because of two reasons. One, there is something we do not know about the object of our conflict. Or two, there is something we do not know about ourselves. 237 more words


The Curve

The bell curve can either help you or hurt you. Either way, I don’t think it’s fair. I believe a class should be scaled in case it is drastically low. 130 more words