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Affordable farming ventures for young starters

Staying true to our mission of getting more young people interested in farming, this post will look at some types of farming that a cash-strapped young person can undertake and build a career out of. 483 more words


Worst typhoon, ever.

I was awaken upon hearing people murmuring inside my room. I gaze at my phone to check the time. It’s only three in the morning for goodness sake! 216 more words


Freshie no more </3

Being a freshman student has its privilege, The Freshie Priority.

First, they have blocks. Yes, only the freshmen are able to choose their blocks. The rest of the students are blocless, much like irregular students. 256 more words



It’s an interesting thing, being different. I mean, of course, every one is different and special and . But it’s a peculiar thing, inhabiting a space of identity that doesn’t quite fit, that exists in a vacuum, if you will – and not being sure if there exists an intersection of identities that validates those pseudo-identities. 184 more words

Decisions creates history

Life experiences and situations can be relative, it’s our decisions that makes them history

Reflective Quotes

What I've learned from working in Corporate America

The lessons I learned from my previous job is how to provide stellar customer service.  I started working when I was 15 in Corporate America.  I worked for several Fortune 500 companies in the banking, career consulting, insurance, and telecommunications industry.  85 more words

Public Relations

Late Night Splurges

To have your presence in the same room,
is almost as suffocating as when you strung up your letters and words,
tying them around my neck with no mercy, 141 more words