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and then the beat comes...

Concerts hold some of my favorite experiences in my life and Ben Rector concerts bring it to a whole other level. There’s something amazing about being surrounded by people who have the same feelings about the music as you and seeing your favorite artist perform right in front of you. 90 more words


MKMMA -- Week 4, Shifting our Energy, allows us to shift our life...

“Thought is energy and energy is power, and it is bacause all the religions, sciences and philosophies which which the world has heretofore been familiar have been based upon manifestation of this energy instead of the energy itself, that the world has been limited to effects, while causes have been ignored or misunderstood.” 406 more words


Today's Quote #128

Sometimes life is all about learning. So for all those who hate education- I guess you can’t escape your experiences. Might as well own them.

Quotes To Live By

Speech and silence

I had always assumed that language offered a certain kind of stability. Words could change, but the interplay of syntax and morphology imposed subtle constraints on what could be done. 273 more words


Everything that is something.

I went back to my parents’ house late last night.

Deepavali mornings have been the same at the Chandran household for time immemorial. My brother and I wake up to my mom opening our bedroom doors. 485 more words

The Lub Dub Chronicles

Crafting Amazing Experiences

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People Of The Dog Park Part 2

Since I moved and lost my yard a year ago, I’ve taken my dog to the dog park nearly every day. We only miss the dog park if it’s raining very hard or if either one us is very sick. 1,582 more words