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Brimming FIRE

A few nights ago I arrived at the house of “Bill” one of my favorite playmates in Austin. He owns a chain of restaurants and I already loved his food from the place itself and was equally thrilled with a personal invitation for him to cook for me Sunday night. 1,430 more words


Routine Interruptions

Heineken is launching a new social experiment called ‘Routine Interruptions.’ People across the nation have the opportunity to have an unexpectedly fun night if they do one thing- answer a random phone call from Heineken and agree to do whatever Heineken says at that moment.

Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts is a traveling art installation and experience. It’s a gilloutine made of paper, but it’s still scary! Your souvenir is a GIF of your giggling-shit-your-pants face.


Engagement "Trailer"

Not sure why this wasn’t posted earlier, I guess I just figured you all had seen it anyway. But a good reminder, nonetheless, why this whole fiasco is taking place in beautiful Italia. 10 more words


Tempering Power

The nature of the current paradigm for experiencing self-empowerment is to fully express our nature as super-human Beings of Love. This is completely merited seeing as the nature of personal power has been controlled and subdued for centuries, if not eons by the forces we signed up for long ago. 472 more words


Art activities for creating, imagining and connecting

I’ve been attending the stupendously enriching MOOC – Art & Activity from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) on Coursera. Here’s a selection of activities I really enjoyed from the course along with my own thoughts on application in ELT, business and other learning environments. 1,223 more words

Automated Thanking Machines

‘Sometimes you just want to say thank you’ is the opening line of a bank’s campaign to give back to its customers.

TD Canada Trust… 43 more words