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Virgins Again?

제 작품은 ‘드레이크 미술관’에 전시됩니다


Experiment 2

Stepping out unto the third floor fire escape, the first thing I heard as my eyes adjusted to the darkness was the sound of crickets. Far on the ground, hiding in the grass, in the bushes, and in the canopy of leaves above our heads, crickets and grasshoppers chirped out a song that wrapped itself around our little outcrop like a veil. 482 more words



A tall black lamp illuminates the living room. It throws its yellow light over everything, tingeing the walls and dappling the shag rug lying under the coffee table. 558 more words


Let’s go on an adventure!

Okay sorry I just really wanted to start my post with that line. But hey, adventures are fun aren’t they? To be honest I’m absolutely terrified of them. 357 more words


Life is a long experiment that includes successes and failures

At the beginning of this year, 47% of Amerians made a New Year’s resolution. Only 8% of us will keep it. But maybe that isn’t a bad thing as long as we: 591 more words

Big Vision

Trusting the monopole...the driver of my vehicle.

I had my first human design chart reading in December 2014, and what a wonderful gift it has been so far. I try to listen to my recording several times a week, going over the gems of understanding and doing my best to truly assimilate how I can live according to my design via strategy and authority. 1,153 more words


Want to take part in an experiment?

I was very happy when my vendor account with Nook was finally validated and I was set and ready to tell the world about my book – that’s when my Internet connection crashed. 354 more words