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Leaving It Alone Experiment

I have decided to conduct an experiment on myself.

I’m going to ban use of any computer.
This includes my phone – it is a mini computer after all – bar the email/phone aspect of it (I need to know if I’m working or not!) 271 more words


Tic Tac Toe

I’ve been reading about Blondie24: Playing at the Edge of AI, which is about a neural network that is trained to play checkers, by playing against itself and using an genetic algorithm. 227 more words


De Spiegel.


Het is al een tijdje geleden nu. Ik sta mij zoals elke morgen voor de spiegel te scheren. Het toeval (?) wou dat ik net had zitten lezen in een boek van… 253 more words

About Them Pickles

Holy heck those pickles went fast! I am writing this a whole six days after I made that batch of pickles and this post – … 251 more words


Head first

I’ve been on a ‘no (sham)poo’ experiment for 27 weeks now. This means that I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for 7 months.

I wash my hair with just water, one or two times a week. 693 more words

Cinnamon Blueberry Rolls

Every now and then, I get a hankering for some cinnamon raisin bread.  However, the part I like the most is the cinnamon swirls.  The raisins are pretty “meh.”  Of course, when you bake it at home instead of getting it at the store, you can modify to suit your own tastes.  274 more words