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Roti Adam and Roti John

AH…the end of October draws near and winter comes ever closer but this isn’t about the passing of the months/seasons. It’s about the bread and the filling we call life (and the actual sandwich fillings). 1,063 more words


McDonalds and Zombie Factoids

It’s almost Halloween! Time for some scaaaary zombies!

Or zombie factoids.

Now, you might wonder why I’m defending McDonald’s on a pro-HAES, fat acceptance blog. But A) even though… 582 more words

Student/Me: Hypothesis

Setting: My classroom during science class

Me: What is the difference between a prediction and a hypothesis?

Student: Hypothesis… First you guess then you tess- Get it? 95 more words


My Pumpkin Bread Experiment

I was in a creative mood this morning so I decided to try an experiment.  I am proud to say that it was a complete success. 464 more words


Cocktail Idea: Thai Curry

See, my website’s not too depressing, right? :)

I’ve been experimenting with cocktails in the last year: I’m not sure how it happened; it could be to do with my flirtation with bar school, which is the closest thing to university for pure “educational indulgence” as I’ll get. 558 more words


Would you struggle without your mobile? The majority of people in my survey said they would. So as part of my conversation project I played with the idea of having a physical barrier that stops you from communicating. 58 more words


Flubber Creations

The kids and I watched “Flubber” starring Robin Williams for our Friday Night Movie and Little Man loved it. He wanted to create everything he saw. 169 more words

Corn Starch