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Michel Gondry

Maestro!!!, Michel Gondry es uno de mis directores favoritos, su estilo y manera de interpretar las cosas deja un sello único. Sus videos siempre extraños con efectos especiales casi “artesanales” o de apariencia rustica parecen salido de la imaginación de un niño genio o un genio con alma de niño. 106 more words


I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Ahhh,,,que buena animación!!!,,,lo más cagado 0:33 el último en entrar,,,tan confiado que se veía,,jajaja


Made In Heights - DEATH

How more music blogs haven’t featured genre-bending duo Sabzi and Kelsey Bulkin, better known as Made In Heights, I’ll never know. While the two have been making music since 2011, the duo has largely remained under the radar until one of their more recent (if you consider less than a year ago recent) release, “DEATH”. 140 more words


Split Scan Experiment.

I found a very interesting video on Vimeo and decided to try it out for myself. This experiment is called ‘split scanning’. I made my own maps on Adobe Photoshop to create the surreal and playful effects. 80 more words



Your brain has left the moment and every other part of you has kept going.  You somehow aren’t making a fool of yourself, in spite of your mind.  288 more words