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Glowe: a egrégora de um homem só

Define-se como egrégora a força espiritual gerada a partir de uma combinação energética coletiva, fruto da congregação de duas ou mais pessoas. O ponto de maior fascínio no último lançamento de 2014 feito pelo Coletivo Atlas é o fato de ” 115 more words



Gone to the dark
Where no man returns
That black hole
Of desires and wants
Become primal needs
The despair
Of corporate



The basement floor was filthy, littered in dog shit and other detritus.

She had been working here approximately… Six. Miserable. Days.

A dog babysitter. She had, in her short tenure, learned to hate canines. 146 more words



A memory
Before memory
Came to be.
Details told
Ever so clear
Forgotten perhaps
Gotten from elders
Having trouble
Investigating the truth
Just remembered
kind of hazy
Lost again
Most likely useless.


The Blinding White

She was white like cookie dough, dressed in a bra and panties. Bigger than me, but then most everyone is.

A pulchritudinous beauty. But, I didn’t like that face. 247 more words


King and Brown

In a dank bar
In the south
Of St. Louis
The bar stool prophet
Sat on his stool
Contemplating aloud
“The worst thing
About what’s happening… 113 more words


[Experimental] Coco's Young Coconuts

It’s been a while since my last post… But here’s something new!

This is actually a class assignment I did for my Illustrator class. I thought I might as well share it here since it featured a cute hula girl! 101 more words