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Rigorous Evidence Should Inform Spending

Ron Haskins began the new year on a positive note.  The co-director of the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution, Haskins reports that “a growing body of evidence shows that a few model social programs” work, and that “the Obama administration, building on work by the Bush administration, has insisted that money for evidence-based initiatives go primarily to programs with rigorous evidence of success as measured by scientifically designed evaluation.” 170 more words

Experimental Design

Health Care Myths and Randomized Trials

Once people have health insurance, they are going to be less likely to go to the emergency room for acute health problems and will instead see doctors in their offices and use more preventive care services. 124 more words

Chapter 1

Bupples and Benedicts

Back to burbles of a strictly biological nature this week, and a recent idea that passed quality control with Year 7.

So, what do you think of Benedict’s Test for reducing sugars? 763 more words

Learning By Doing

Experiments can sell your science, even if they're not going to work

We typically need manipulative experiments to truly know how a biological system works.

Nevertheless, on most days, I feel that the subculture of ecology suffers from a fetish for manipulative experiments.  910 more words

Virtual ecologist module #2: occupancy model design trade-offs

The Virtual Ecologist method is a form of stochastic simulation where the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data are simulated. This post is the second module of the Virtual Ecologist blog series. 2,067 more words

Ecological Monitoring
There are two status quos from my perspective in traditional advertising today. The first is that many companies retain an agency that provides multiple concepts for review.
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Day 51: Extracting DNA

Science 9 – Today in science 9 the students extracted DNA from strawberries.  The lab is fairly straight forward and is well known in education.  With not too much prep, the students are actually extracting DNA – every time I think about this, it blows my mind!  145 more words

Science 9