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Day 51: Extracting DNA

Science 9 – Today in science 9 the students extracted DNA from strawberries.  The lab is fairly straight forward and is well known in education.  With not too much prep, the students are actually extracting DNA – every time I think about this, it blows my mind!  145 more words

Science 9

What Is Experimental Vignette Methodology?

How can we balance concerns about internal validity and external validity—simultaneously? This seems to be an inescapable catch-22: We either conduct an experiment that maximizes internal validity (at the expense of external validity), or conduct a field study that maximizes external validity (at the expense of internal validity).

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Genetics: what Darwin never knew about (quantum) physics

David Brillinger, a statistician at the University of California, Berkeley, says that Darwin’s method of pairing is now common practice. “Darwin was a leader in a subfield of statistics called experimental design,” he says.

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Teaching the Biomes: A Different Approach

I feel like I can do a pretty good job lecturing on most topics at a level that will hold the attention of nonmajors, but two exceptions are cell organelles and biomes. 788 more words

Engaging Students

Research That Matters, Testing That Counts

How many students would vote to have more tests in their classes?  It’s hard to imagine that adding more tests would increase instructor popularity, but new research indicates that when testing is done in the right way, it can increase knowledge and be easy to swallow.  175 more words

Chapter 1

When Firefighters Burn People

This morning I remembered something I had not thought about in many years. It is relevant to my approach to institutional research, so I thought I would share. 470 more words

Institutional Research

Day 44: Starch Peanut Lab #2

Science 9 – Like my grade 8 classes, I decided to do a Smarter Science activity with the grade 9’s using the dissolving starch packing peanut.  182 more words

Science 9