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6 unexpected ways Six Sigma can benefit your company

Six Sigma is a management methodology which allows companies to use data to eliminate defects in any process. For a process to have achieved Six Sigma, a process must not produce a defect – that is anything outside of customer specifications – more often than 3.4 times per million opportunities.  762 more words

Quality Assurance

Virtual ecologist approach: using simulations to evaluating experimental designs

This blog is the first in a series of modules that I will present on using simulations to evaluate experimental designs. The series will mostly consist of fairly simple simulations that I have built over the last decade to answer questions about experimental design and analysis for my own research as well as the research of my colleagues. 1,532 more words

Ecological Monitoring

What if you assume your hypothesis is wrong when you design an experiment?

Designing experiments is deceptively simple. After all, you know what’s going on, right? So you just design an experiment that manipulates or otherwise examines the variable of interest, with an appropriate control, then show the pattern you expected, write it up and publish. 237 more words


Statistical Oddities 5: Sequential Testing

Our next decision theory post is going to be on how to rephrase hypothesis testing in terms of Bayesian decision theory. We already saw in our… 876 more words


What is significant?

How do you decide what is significant? I’m thinking here of how we bridge between the humanities and science or medicine.

I count significance in so many ways. 326 more words

Clinical Trials

Away we go!

This is project that is in progress.  It is an experimental foray into how technology can enhance a collective mourning experience.  Building on the Bon Festival that through different iterations and forms is performed around the world from Asia to Brazil, I imagined what if technology were introduced in a way that reinforced and strengthened the global community around death and remembrance.   


Applied Statistics Lesson of the Day - The Independent 2-Sample t-Test with Unequal Variances (Welch's t-Test)

A common problem in statistics is determining whether or not the means of 2 populations are equal.  The independent 2-sample t-test is a popular parametric method to answer this question.   313 more words