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Genomics of Compensation

The Genomics landscape of compensatory evolution
Pal group PLos biol 2014

A paper with massive data showing how knock out are compensated though experimental evolution. 10 more words


Subdivisions de populations en evolution experimentale

Population Subdivision and adaptation in asexual populations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sergey K, M Desai Evolution 2012

A paper showing how nicely a population subdivision and therefore population size can be controlled in critter plates with a robot!


Adaptive evolution in urban ecosystems

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that a paper a friend and I wrote had just been published. I’ve tried to distill the message down to four paragraphs and I’m anxious to spark some conversations about the potential for ecology and evolutionary studies in cities. 693 more words

Selecting for a butterfly of a different color

Via NPR: a paper published online this week ahead of print at PNAS reports the results of an artificial selection experiment that changed butterflies’ wings from brown to blue. 214 more words