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Holy Shit: Tarentel's discography rated (albums from 1998 to 2007)

Tarentel has a bunch of random musical pieces out there. These are the ones I consider to be the Tarentel essentials.

“Tarentel” (1998)

This is two tracks, both post rock displays, both long. 676 more words


Burning Chrome presents: Dames of Noise v.1


Hell hath no fury like these noisy ladies!


For over ten years, Razorgrrl has been a cornerstone in the Toronto industrial club scene. 201 more words


Replicant Bureaux 8: Fault


please pardon the juice of discord
for it is paramount
that the closed circuit should not go unsigned
neither overwhelmed by drunken dogs

because society’s just a drawer marked “speculative victories” 65 more words


Notations 21 Project: Experimental Music Scores

The book is a collection of modern developments in musical language and notational systems used by a variety of contemporary composers from around the globe. 8 more words


100 Green Violins on SoundCloud

Chronicling the evolutionary process of the strange and fantastical (..to me) sound machine that is eurorack modular synthesis.
This SoundCloud set, specifically, is a very studied, pre-emptive, immersive studio journey, in preparation for a string of summer shows here in the nw (and hopefully more!! )
Enjoy (downloadable) !

Abstract Synthensis

Video: TLR at EMU 3/8/2014

Sebastian Tomczak has uploaded a short video featuring sections of my performance at EMU last Friday. The performance is a live realisation of the saw wave/vocoder composition,¬†Goyder’s Line¬†(2014). Thanks, Seb!