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The right angle: a short experimental video

Despite a brief hiatus due to having a dose of flu, this short narrative came about through my inexplicable fixation with the dirty corners in which things collect. 142 more words


Zlatko Cosic: Still Adjusting Closing Saturday

Travel across borders and cultures with Zlatko Cosic: Still Adjusting. Cosic’s experimental videos and artifact installation examine Cosic’s background as a young man living in Communist Yugoslavia, later in Capitalist America, and the adjusting of identity that kept him alive. 240 more words


Obstruction #1: Experimental Video

This storyboard is created for the first obstruction assigned in visual anthropology class. It’s about a 42″ long experimental video, the basic idea is to draw a frame of how we live mobile — how people are being connected and in the meanwhile disconnected by mobile technology. 433 more words