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Progression #1

Pressing extra volume of water Against my stomach  It is all there in the fever Of sliding seascapes  Open your arms Look inside Grain of sand Grain of soul Eclipses are dancing  Overriding foam of waves Transparent breath Whisper of sand Looking from the rooftops  Not shouting  Nothing to shout about  No one there to answer  Or hear Standing there alone  Holding clouds  Fragments of mutations  At the top of parapets  Melted inside the pool  Of open hands Rain is evaporating  Never touching the ground  The wave is pink And green  Today The liquid pulse touching  Gliding fog Outline of profile Mask and liquid breath  Shattered faces of the moon  Fragile ferns And yellow gloves  Of anemones  Silent fountains of impregnated fish  Dazzled triangle  Concrete surface of dried rock  Folded memories  Mesmerizing eye of moving octopus  Turned inside out traces of mollusk  Aluminum taste  Square shadow of a yellow passenger  Bricks hope voices volumes  Black stripes root  Golden dots are passing by Little island covered with shredded stars  Games pods roads Shadows of red rock  Plugged in Fukushima  Corrugated exit or tunnel Of vast green

Progression #1 Video


Experimental Video - And so it begins

First week back of final semester. It’s an exciting time indeed, my expectations are high and I’m both anxious and excited about what the future holds; how I will progress my own education and what I will do with what I have gained here over these past 3 years at RMIT. 455 more words

Experimental Video

The Impulse - a new visual video by Rami Balloum

most of the effects on this video are created image by image

make sure to watch the video it full HD 1080p


Hot stuff


I was invited to release a S.E.T.I. album on a nice looking label a few months ago, so have spent many evenings creating tracks and am pleased to say the album was finished a few weeks ago and has already had the stamp of approval from ‘the label’. 279 more words


Book trailer for The Mayflies

Video by Griffith Morgan
Audio by Gillian Waggoner