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#93- Meshes of the Afternoon

Quick recap: A woman falls asleep, except she’s not. There’s also a key, a flower and a knife that are important for some reason. And also a guy with a mirror face. 200 more words


It's a-free (for an annoyingly short period of time)!

As I’ve already said, my first Novella will not sell. I know that. Which is why I intend to make it free for as long as the Amazon promotions will allow me to, just in the vain hope that I can either: 142 more words


Pollux - Aurora Borealix

artist: Pollux
title: Aurora Borealix
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, electronic
label: Gypsy Feet Records http://www.gypsyfeetrecords.com/

On YIKIS we have covered a lot of music by Flat Affect, but even more often from the French producer Arnaud Barbe, better known as ‘Pollux’. 224 more words


one may hope forever

‘one may hope forever’ is an improvised piece created for and performed at an event called Seers Dirge which took place in Bournemouth at SIX project space. 196 more words

Black & White photograms

These are black & white photographs that were mainly created using different objects, but also from shining light through a prism.

Annoyingly some of them stuck together, tearing when pulling apart in order to scan, hens the cloudy colours and ripped effect in some.