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NASA Space Sounds

NASA Space Sounds – Information about the recordings and sample sounds of the planets, moons and rings of planets in our Solar System. For live 24hr sound from space, see: … 22 more words


How Do You Make Something Creative and Cool?

How do you make something creative and cool?

I like seeing what people are doing with their creativity. Sites like This Is Colossal are a constant inspiration for what people can do. 278 more words


Don't Blow It!

There is a John Philips Sousa march, bluegrass, Chopin, blues, jazz and more. All music, but some of it moves us, some doesn’t. Different drummers, different strokes, fashions change, sometimes stay the same. 439 more words


Wehrmacht Lombardo - Whore

artist: Wehrmacht Lombardo
Title: Whore
Cat: ORE110
Keywords: HNW
Reviewer: Hank N. Walbrecht

Wehrmacht Lombardo’s whore comes with a little note of what to expect: 500 more words


Week Thirty

Week Thirty
Model: Sydney Starring

This is probably my darkest edited/ themed shoot..
It’ll probably start heading this way for fashion, folks. 
Except next time it will be a shoot at 9:00 pm. 16 more words


Wylhil 2.4: Pleasure Dome

Pleasure Dome

“It was me.” I find myself saying.
“What?” K is standing in front of me in line. He is indulging me with this half-hearted prompt for clarification but his eyes are hypnotized and unfocused, locked on the line of women dancing behind the plexi a few meters away. 1,147 more words


Chochos Y Moscas - Puli Mi Yonki

artist: Chochos y Moscas
title: Puli Mi Yonki
keywords: grindcore, noisecoe, experimental, powerviolence
reviewer: Harry Metal

Chochos y Moscas are back! And how! They deliver behind this great piece of artwork nine tracks that are uber short, very good and ultra-compact. 116 more words