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Sky Line

Sky Line by bart bylois on 500px

Most of us who are living in the cities are not able to witness such a sky lined up in front of you. 43 more words


Doors from India and Nepal.

Here are my favorite examples of the doors I found during my trip to India and Nepal. The craftsmanship of woodworking, iron casting,  and stone carving is very high. 35 more words


Tea Plant

Tea Plant by bart bylois on 500px

I made this image during a visit in a tea plant . In this barn the locals dried tea to produce The golden – and Silver tea tips. 16 more words


Science and magic can easily be confused

During playscheme:

Me: If you want, you can mix the colors together in the wells.

4 year old: I’m doing magic!

Staff: It’s science, not magic. 46 more words


Experiments with film, large format photography.

I have had my Crown Graphic 4×5 camera sitting on a shelf for months. But something has always come in the way of shooting with it. 72 more words

Film Photography

All the Social Media!

I’m quite the novice when it comes to social media.  Aside from Facebook, I have never contemplated starting up profiles on any other websites.  But I figure it’s high time to delve into this somewhat daunting realm! 51 more words

Loving Life