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H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G !

Happy Thanksgiving
Naphthas Viking Gyp
Saving Happy Knight
Knavish Hat Gypping
A Thank Gypping Shiv
Pagan Gyp Think Shiv
Savant High Gyp Pink
Papa Gyving Shh Knit… 136 more words


----- Enamelling -----

I spend this morning trying out some enamelling to see what colours I could produce. I found the whole process very therapeutic and liked seeing how the colours differ going into the kiln and coming out! 104 more words


Taming the Hair Monster: Update

I’m still experimenting with my hair care routine and I’m happy to say that I what I have been doing so far is working wonders. I was doubtful when I started because nothing else has worked for more than a few days. 357 more words


The Problem with the Martini

I know several people who probably followed this link just to tell me that there is no problem with the Martini, that it is the Platonic ideal of gin cocktails and God’s Perfect Drink. 1,270 more words


My Eating Experiment

I am conducting an experiment of epic proportions. As I’ve mentioned in a past post, I am a vegan. There is a very long story behind why I started eating this way but, in short, it was because I was downright sick of feeling like absolute crap. 396 more words


A Day In The Life Of A Laboratory Rat

Now that I’m retired, I feel as though I can tell you all about the squalid details about the line of work that we few unlucky, though some would say lucky, rats get drafted into. 1,065 more words

Resources: Product Validation with Simple Experiments

By Jordan Buckner @ Practical Startup

Looking for ways to validate the market opportunity for your product/service before investing countless hours and dollars? Many entrepreneurs have invested thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating a new business only to realize that no one purchased their product/service. 888 more words