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Shower Wine

A rare and instant remedy of mine when anxiety strikes is to invite a drink into the shower with me. It isn’t always an adult beverage. 879 more words


LFT Android App IMPACT

To check out The Problem and The Solution, visit the earlier post by CLICKING HERE

Once again, quoting Richard Feynman from my earlier post,

Now, if you went through the earlier post, you must have realized the app’s importance, so, now let’s look at the results. 895 more words


Observation of Dam banks & Exposed Earth

We have been observing God’s perfect design to heal the earth when it has been disturbed or degraded by us.

Fungi growing in the rocky, clay soil. 1,242 more words


Leaders For Tomorrow Android App

Richard Feynman:

The worthwhile problems are the ones you can really solve or help solve, the ones you can really contribute something to.


After passing out from college, …

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Why Scientists Should Celebrate Failed Experiments

Reporters hate facts that are too good to check—as the phrase in the industry goes. The too-good-to-check fact is the funny or ironic or otherwise delicious detail that just ignites a story and that, if it turns out not to be true, would leave the whole narrative poorer for its absence. 638 more words

Perfecting a Recipe

We all have a special recipe that we’ve tried to perfect, right? I have one, and it’s a dessert. Its chocolate chip pumpkin bread. And I especially tried perfecting it around the holidays and earlier this Spring. 349 more words