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…how come every time something amazing is happening around me I never have my camera?

Waynes Random World

Our lifelong science experiment

I don’t know how our home turned into an ongoing science experiment.

And not in that “Oh, look Mom, the leftovers from three weeks ago are moving” kind of way, but more in that “Gee, I wonder what happens if you put fire crackers in a four-month old pumpkin” kind of way. 925 more words

Psychology, Social Media, Social Justice: An Interview with Ivy Onyeador

Ivy Onyeador is currently pursuing her doctorate in Social Psychology at UCLA; rer research investigates perceptions of people with multiple social identities. In her free time she enjoys posting interesting articles on Facebook and daydreaming about how to integrate her copious Facebook activity with her academic career. 40 more words


Energy drinks and lies

So I’m not really a fan of energy drinks. My friends used to do tests to see how many it would take until I seemed drunk. 196 more words

What is a Safety Behavior?

Simply put, safety behaviors are those behaviors that we enact with the intention of reducing our anxiety. For example, we might wear a “good luck” shirt when we give presentations at work. 691 more words


Four and Fifty

Four and Fifty

Of moons past and sunlight beyond
His eyes warm and fond
(like the days gone)

He clasps the knife in hands
Etched with lines and ends… 420 more words