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The Fake Expert*

Yesterday, I was speaking with a dear friend, William Arruda, who’s a true expert in helping people build their personal brands. We got on the subject of our recent eye-opening experience of discovering someone we’re working with (with celebrity status) is a total fake. 1,054 more words


I'm an Expert - #rant

I need to talk about this because it’s been a recurring issue/theme whatever in my life lately.

First things first (i’m the realist), a question: 575 more words


Imagination Precedes Ambition

Source: Fortune, Nov 2014

The Google CEO is the kind of guy who thinks the improbable is a given and the seemingly impossible is likely. He’s not one or two steps ahead of his engineers and research scientists; he often seems to inhabit an alternate universe, where the future has already happened. 286 more words


Life Is Choices

Life is an endless series of choices. Each choice made results in a particular set of circumstances. Each set of circumstances leads to a choice. Most of the choices made in a day are fairly routine. 334 more words


Shark expert serving time for child porn remains employed with state

A public worker serving time for child pornography charges will soon be released from prison, and will go back to working for the state.

At the time of his arrest earlier this year, Randy Honebrink was the education coordinator for the department’s aquatics division. 152 more words


This amazing video will blow your minds off

Choros/ 2011/ 13 min/ HD/ Stereo

Guided by Michael Langan and Terah Maher

Music by Steve Reich

A melody of ladies are borne from the developments of a solitary dance expert in this dreamlike “pas de trente-deux.”


Meet The Best Social Distribution Expert In Ontario - Ron Goudreault

Ron Goudreault Was Just Officially Awarded The Title Of “Best Social Distribution Expert” In Rockland Ontario After Asking Online Marketing Professionals In An Web Opinion Poll. 7 more words