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Educate yourself.

Money impacts our world on a daily basis. Handling money and finances will allow you to live the life you want- and handling money and finances poorly can allow you to have less options. 201 more words

Cash Flow

Hire a Sunnyvale Roof Repair Expert to Find and Fix Sources of Leaks

One way to find the source of leaks is to run water over the roof using a hose, and watching where drips will occur. However, the fact that such task will require you to go up on the roof presents hazards, and should be done only with extreme care and caution. 57 more words

The Expert Business Insurance Agent for Fire Suppression Contractors

Due to the widely varied nature of every industry, each is subject to its own set of risks. At Allied Insurance Managers, we’ve cultivated an extensive understanding of these industry-specific risk factors and do our utmost to become the trusted business insurance agent for any company regardless of background or line of business. 81 more words

The King of Wands

The King of Wands is shown in profile seated on a throne without armrests.  The backrest of the throne is decorated with images of lions (Fire, Leo) and a salamander whose tail and mouth are joined in a perfect circle (fire, renewal, vision).   190 more words


A Beginner - Quote (56)

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” — Anonymous


I'm an Expert at Not Being an Expert

I missed Thursdays Blogtober post (Fall Fashion), but I am excusing myself because I was driving to Miami and back. By the time I got home I turned on my laptop, loaded my blog, and realized my brain was fried. 224 more words