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Is authority constructed and contextual?

Ready for round three?

So far I’ve looked at two of the ACRL’s proposed threshold concepts for information literacy, noting that scholarship is only a conversation at a superficial and metaphorical level and that research is indeed inquiry, though the ACRL’s frame describing it is needlessly complex for such a simple, definitional concept. 2,239 more words

Information Literacy

Discipline - The link between ordinary and exceptional

No two people are the same, not even twins (I should know, my wife is one of twins!). When posed with the same challenge, big or small, each of us tackles it differently. 369 more words


Wayfinding and Blogger's Block

I’m horrified to notice that I haven’t posted here since March! OK – I admit it – I’ve been blocked. Not writer’s block – I have no problem writing, I’ve been writing all sorts of things since March. 826 more words


One-Armed Economics and Wealth Creationism

I venerate expertise as a truth warrant. In judgments of correspondence goodness evaluating quality, it can substitute for clearly defined standards (please see my post of October 15, 2013 for more). 3,524 more words

Selecting a Charitable Auction Fundraising Company

Charity Fundraising Packages has helped nonprofit organizations across the country with their fundraising efforts and events. By specializing in offering unique vacation packages, celebrity experiences, and memorabilia, Charity Fundraising Packages provides effective, risk-free solutions. 180 more words

Charity Fundraising Packages

Trees, nets and teaching

By Gordon Rugg

Much of the debate on education uses diagrams to illustrate points being discussed.

Many of those diagrams are based on informal semantics. 1,885 more words

Education Theory

Who oversees planting and lifting 29 million+ seedlings a year?

Larry Foster, Manager Alabama SuperTree Nursery in Selma, Alabama –

That’s who!

Without a doubt, one of the most important benefits for our customers in doing business with ArborGen is the people who provide the expertise in seedling selection and silviculture. 302 more words