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The Need-To Read # 557

A good book can never expire-

Only to the bookshelf, can it retire.


"Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times"

Expire All Cookies in C#

public static class CookieUtility
	public static void ExpireAllCookies(HttpRequestBase request, HttpResponseBase response)
		// Get all cookies associated with MYA
		List<HttpCookie> cookies = new List<HttpCookie>();

		var cookieKeysArray = request.Cookies.AllKeys;

		for (int i = 0; i < cookieKeysArray.Length; i++)
			HttpCookie cookie = request.Cookies];

		// Expire all cookies
		foreach (var cookie in cookies)
			if (cookie != null)
				CookieUtility.ExpireCookie(response, cookie);

// From a controller
public virtual ActionResult LogOut(string logOutUrl)
	CookieUtility.ExpireAllCookies(Request, Response);

	return Redirect(logOutUrl);

// From Global.asax
var requestWrapper = new HttpRequestWrapper(Request);
var responseWrapper = new HttpResponseWrapper(Response);
CookieUtility.ExpireAllCookies(requestWrapper, responseWrapper);



To breathe out; to die (breathe a last breath). French “expirer” < Latin “expirare” < “ex-“=out + “spirare”=to breathe.


Unclaimed $12 Million Lotto Ticket Expires On Christmas Day

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — An unclaimed Florida Lotto ticket worth $12 million will expire if it isn’t claimed by Christmas Day.

The Florida Lottery announced Wednesday that the Jackpot drawn June 28 hasn’t been claimed. 52 more words


She is Time

She entices me,

Draining life, like blood out of me,

Consistently taunting me with every tick until

I am the one ticking.

She excites herself when I expire and… 135 more words


France Silent on Mistral Deal as Deadline About to Expire: Source

© Sputnik. Alexey Danichev

17:17 12.11.2014(updated 18:33 12.11.2014)

Russia was unable to contact French business partners just two days before the deadline for the first Mistral delivery expires, according to a high-ranking defense cooperation source. 156 more words

Three That Will Always Be Popular (2014)

1. Bonuses.
2. Holidays.
3. Animal videos.
Never to retire-
Never to expire.