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Four Year Strong @ The Opera House 08.01.15

First time shooting The Opera House(in Toronto)! Was decent lighting, no pit action. It was a butt load of fun, even though I was hugging my camera like a new born most the time from impending boots and various other limbs coming into contact with it. 54 more words


Photos: Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid, Expire, Handguns @ The Opera House

Photos by Josh Moody (@openlatedotorg) -

Worcester, Mass.-based pop-punk/melodic hardcore band Four Year Strong, who released their newest EP, Go Down in History… 311 more words


7 Things I learned in 2014

As this year is coming to a close and I’m laying around my parents house, sick with the beginnings of a sinus infection, I like to reflect on the past year. 800 more words


The Need-To Read # 557

A good book can never expire-

Only to the bookshelf, can it retire.


"Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times"

Expire All Cookies in C#

public static class CookieUtility
	public static void ExpireAllCookies(HttpRequestBase request, HttpResponseBase response)
		// Get all cookies associated with MYA
		List<HttpCookie> cookies = new List<HttpCookie>();

		var cookieKeysArray = request.Cookies.AllKeys;

		for (int i = 0; i < cookieKeysArray.Length; i++)
			HttpCookie cookie = request.Cookies];

		// Expire all cookies
		foreach (var cookie in cookies)
			if (cookie != null)
				CookieUtility.ExpireCookie(response, cookie);

// From a controller
public virtual ActionResult LogOut(string logOutUrl)
	CookieUtility.ExpireAllCookies(Request, Response);

	return Redirect(logOutUrl);

// From Global.asax
var requestWrapper = new HttpRequestWrapper(Request);
var responseWrapper = new HttpResponseWrapper(Response);
CookieUtility.ExpireAllCookies(requestWrapper, responseWrapper);