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Notes Apr. 14

E-Portfolio Assignment:

How to relate things back to writing?

Approaching writing in different ways:

Writing can be connected to different concepts, Talking about yourself as a writer, Past experiences as a writer can reflect our writing, Reflection is a key part of what we are doing. 279 more words

Class Notes

Final Design Explaination| Revised

Having re-read my previous explaination of what i wanted to make and the reasons behind it, i realise that it may not be clear enough and that i dont think i got my idea explained well enough for anyone other than myself to understand. 452 more words

Dreams about leaving

Last nioght I barely slept correctly at all. I was tossing and turning and kept waking up sweating and panicking and believing the dream to be a realistic idea of what I was experiencing that I didn’t enjoy and terrifyied my soul. 320 more words

Dream Interpretation

Meh. Really uninteresting title because I can't come up with a clever one.

Bah. It’s raining today. Which makes my depression level kinda low. 

Bad weather has never really been great for me lately. Because here’s the thing… I live in the state of Michigan, (Or at least I have been living in Michigan now for nearly a year. 985 more words

Explaining CFS - Neurology

I find one of the most difficult things about CFS is explaining it to others. A lot of people think it’s just being tired, & even those who sympathise don’t understand how serious it can be. 688 more words


Wordpress dan Tumblr

Aku punya dua blog: satu blog yang ini di wordpress dan yang satunya lagi di tumblr.

Bedanya apa?

Kalau yang di wordpress, rencana awalnya aku ingin fokuskan pada pemikiran-pemikiran (kayak kamu suka mikir aja, Li -_-), hobi, pengalaman yang prosesnya panjang, dan pengetahuan-pengetahuan lainnya. 216 more words