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Cyber Threats to a Bank - Part 1: Cybercriminals Target Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions often serve as key targets for malicious activity committed in cyber space. Owing to their large-scale financial operations, banks have always attracted scammers and thieves searching for easy ways to get rich quick. 549 more words

Cyber Intelligence

Xploit Life 44 Day Photo Challenge! Day 10

Xploit Life 44 Day Photo Challenge

Day 10

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am very thankful for my family, friends, and most importantly the chance to xploit life.  47 more words



The older I get, the less patience I have for the mundane and often sensationalised stories that mainstream media re-hash each year, as if by clock-work. 1,282 more words

Gold Coast

Xploit Life 44 Day Photo Challenge! Day 9

Xploit Life 44 Day Photo Challenge


Did you say funny?  Did you say goofy?  Did you say “Cheeeesssseeee”?

I say all of those… today we want to see your best goofy face selfie! 35 more words


Xploit Life 44 Day Photo Challenge! Day 8

Xploit Life 44 Day Photo Challenge


Twinkle, twinkle, little star….

Night skies can be so beautiful, no matter where you are!  I know where I live (far away from the city), we have beautiful, stay filled night skies that I can’t wait to show off!   27 more words


WordPress issues critical security fixes, closing remote anonymous compromise bug and more

WordPress, the internet’s most widely-used web publishing and blogging system, has just published a critical security release.

Amongst the fixes is a bug noted as “a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability could enable anonymous users to compromise a site,” which is critical indeed. 718 more words