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Kepler 186F

Astronomers announced yesterday that they’ve found what they think is an Earth-like planet, 490 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus, orbiting the star Kepler 186. 219 more words


Day 15: Ocean

Standing at the water’s edge

Wind whipping round my face

As the waves roll on eternal.

Upon the precipice of man’s domain

The fearsome beast roars out… 54 more words


negative space

p i g e o n s, by sergey neamoscou

just now, i found myself thinking about languages. more specifically, i was thinking about how the way i express things, and, indirectly, my general mode of speaking, and even my “personality”, varies depending on which language i am speaking.  438 more words


BIG NEWS from the Kepler Mission!

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT yesterday the Kepler Mission:  First Earth-sized exoplanet orbiting its star in the habitable zone discovered!

I was out and about yesterday so I wasn’t able to watch the press conference live.   110 more words

Space News

Infinite Space

Earth, our sweet mother, is going to die. If global warming doesn’t render her uninhabitable, or if a nuclear war, whether by accident or malice, doesn’t vaporize civilization and spew so much toxic radiation that only insects and grass would survive, or if aliens don’t dive from above the thermosphere and repurpose the planet by removing its bipedal ants, then, sometime in the next billion years, the sun will expend its hydrogen and pummel the Earth with enough radiation to fry the surface of the planet. 198 more words


One of the most fascinating aspects of my work on bees is that I have become much more aware of the kinds of bees and other insects that appear in my garden. 127 more words

Daily Process

Trance and starships

I did it. As of writing this I am sunk deep into the leather couch on-board a crashed space ship under Berlin. The room is dark and lit faintly by the glow of all the blinking buttons and status lights. 1,970 more words