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for the bees

In a previous post I talked about the beginnings of my wonderful internship at Homeadow Song Farm.  I had worked on making tamales the first few weeks, and talked about new things that I learned about the… 388 more words


Warnemünde, Germany

The first stop on our cruise was Warnemünde, a seaside resort town in Germany. A sleepy fishing village for 600 years (until it became a resort destination in the 1800s) this stop gave us a great taste of the quaint picturesque fishing towns from centuries past. 500 more words


A WEEkend Trip to Scotland

Scotland was beautiful, old, captivating, and a bit odd. The food was heavy, the whiskey was strong, and the true scottish people we met were nearly impossible to understand. 34 more words


An Asteroid Flyby, and Good Morning, New Horizons! by...

An Asteroid Flyby, and Good Morning, New Horizons!

by scishow:

This week in SciShow Space News we bring you the latest on what to expect from NASA’s New Horizons deep space mission and what asteroids to watch for in the coming years!

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Still Going! ‘Opportunity’ Roving Mars For 11...

Still Going! ‘Opportunity’ Roving Mars For 11 Years

The NASA rover landed on the Red Planet on Jan. 25th, 2004 (Jan 24th PST). It has driven 25.9 miles since.

By: Video From Space.

The Book Report

Welcome the Catmalojin’s first Book Report. You can feel the excitement too, right? Keen readers with interests ranging from Arctic Exploration to Insider Trading our vast collection of second hand, scrunched up paper back books have inspired not only this blog thingamajig but also an extraordinary adventure to the South Pole. 496 more words

#EUROTRIP (Day One) - Take Off!


Some of you may have read my previous blog, which introduced these posts to follow about my recent travels around Europe. As a little background, my friend Jordan and I were discussing how much we had always wanted to travel. 528 more words