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Two Cool Thursday Night Events For Science And Alcohol Lovers

What up, LIVE 105ers, it’s Danica!

If you’re looking for something fun to do on a weeknight that doesn’t keep you out TOO late (I get it, you wanna go home after a long day’s work and get in your sweats and watch Netflix before bed), and involves science AND booze… I got you. 163 more words


Healing – Day 11: Einstein Was Right On Time

Let me first say that I know nothing about physics. Never took a class in it. What I think I understand from Einstein’s theory is that time and space are relative – if you’re driving your car at the same speed as the car next to you, it looks as if neither of you is moving. 815 more words


Tinkering- My Inspiration for 2015

As part of the #YourEdustory challenge, I am trying to blog more often. This week’s topic is what is your one word inspiration for 2015. After a lot of thought, I have decided the word that will inspire me with students and my school is “tinkering.” 227 more words


Smoke on the water #science

Watch the white bubble.
Video taken at Exploratorium in San Francisco

Learn more about your own #HiddenBias

A few weeks ago, I attended the Exploratorium After Hours in San Francisco. There were many memorable exhibits, but one in the social sciences stuck out to me because of its particular relevance. 174 more words

San Francisco Exploratorium Field Visit

First Field Visit! As a new teacher, many things are new to me. On Friday my second grade class and the fifth grade class went to the San Francisco Exploratorium. 163 more words