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Type Essential

The next stage in Photoshop CC Essential Training is Type Essential. This area covers Exploring character (point) type, Adding paragraph (area) type, Adding type on a path, Clipping an image inside type, Warping type and Defining character and paragraph styles


The Weekender

There’s something really effortless about the outfit Jacob is wearing in these photos. He wore it on a day we spent together running all of our errands from coffee to shopping. 46 more words

The Path Less Traveled

“Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity, and take the path less traveled…….”

A couple of months back I made a decision that has sent my life into a spiral of emotions ever since.

648 more words

New on Campus

Books, parties, new people, these are just a few of the challenges of being a freshman at college or university. As some of my dedicated readers would know I finished high school in 2014 and have recently started university. 221 more words

Fresh Stuff

That kind of day

Have you ever heard the saying when it rains it pours … Well today just was most definitely one of those kind of days. Just one thing after another after another. 200 more words


Why Not Climb It? | Day 3 Mount Solmar

“Let’s climb Mt. Solmar,” she said.
“Okay,” I say, followed by, “What’s that?”

I look at Kaitlyn’s phone and see that it’s that very mountain in the postcard I had just finished writing. 718 more words