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Bears and Food Storage

This bear is in a campsite eating food from an open locker.
Exciting? Scary? Tragic? All of these describe the situation. Bears that frequently get human food often lose their fear of people and then end up being killed to protect people. 664 more words



‘But what has been, has been, and I have had my hour’ John Dryden

But what there was, has been,
That transcendental hour.
That long, last subtle gleam… 109 more words


The non-existent cycling culture in Sydney?

A bunch of Dutchies participating in Sydney’s cycling event (photo taken from @SydneyCycleways Twitter)

If there is one thing that I miss most about my life abroad, that will be cycling. 348 more words

Aussie Travellers

First Trip To Grecia, Costa Rica: Thanksgiving 2014

November 21 is a date on the calendar that is closer than it appears.  My first “due diligence” trip to Costa Rica has been planned for months, and I’m starting to mentally check my lists to be sure I’m ready. 421 more words


'The 39 Steps'

Being someone who calls 9pm bedtime (on a Friday evening no less), imagine my mild self-surprise when at 7.30pm I emerged from the tube, my eyes adjusting to the bright lights of Times Square. 488 more words