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On the Sunny Side of the Alps

I know you’ve heard of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the ancient Colosseum in Rome. How about Pamukkale, the famous natural site in Turkey? 337 more words


Morning Run in San Diego: Checking out the Bay Front - San Diego part 3

Easing myself out of bed, I decided to go for a run to test out my Luna Sandals for the first time. It’s been in the 20-30s since I got them, and I don’t have any toe socks, but just like I figured San Diego wouldn’t disappoint. 325 more words

Shelter Cove

West of Redway CA, is a small beach town known as Shelter Cove on the “Lost Coast”. The road to get there starts out as a steep incline which is somewhat difficult for my VW van especially with the locals flying past me and after you reach the top it is a very steep winding road down to Shelter Cove. 284 more words

Road Trip

The Empty Cafe

She sits inside the café, alone…

Exploring her mind as the truth comes out.

Rain falls outside like the droplet of tears from the corners of her eyes. 105 more words

Thoughts Of The Hour


More than a month after the event, I bring you the photos of my second day in Lyon with Flippa during the school holidays, mixed with a few from the first in order to make a nice little review of Lyon. 745 more words


On the Sakharov Centre: a tale of failure

First off – this happened about 2 weeks ago, but I forgot to post about it until now. Also the post isn’t going to be very long, for reasons which will soon become apparent. 565 more words

Birthday in Cornwall

So… the time of year arrived again… it was my birthday… needless to say, it didn’t feel much like a birthday coming up… in this foreign country… in the cold… 696 more words

My Life In 2014