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Indian Handloom and Handicraft Items in the Middle East

The Middle East is a section which is the midpoint on Western Asia and Egypt. The past of the Middle East times back to olden times, and the area has usually been a main centre of global concerns.  171 more words


Happy New Year and Stay Tuned....

Happy New Year!  This morning, January 5th, I filled the car with 13.2 gallons of gas for a total of $23.28.  I have a habit of writing down each tank fill, so I started looking through my notebook and saw that on November 18, 2014 I filled up with 13.2 gallons for a total of $35.32.  424 more words


Stop the Madness, Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership, the largest income redistribution scam in US History

The time has come to stand up and be counted. You can make a difference, but only if you let your voices be heard. There’s still time to stop the largest redistribution of income and political power from the 99 to the 1 percent in the history of our nation. 574 more words


The Oil Price Crash: A Test of African Economic Maturity

Since mid-2014 the price of oil has been falling rapidly. While this has been good news for oil importers, the fall of global crude prices present unwelcome challenges for commodity driven export economies. 464 more words


Science Park Odense consults talented companies with great results

During the past year, Science Park Odense has offered entrepreneurial companies with high growth potential, consulting services and shared offices. Results are now showing. 517 more words


10 Reasons to Start Exporting (Export Cornwall)

Export Cornwall have produced a new animation illustrating 10 key reasons to consider Export in 2015. Take a look and then book for the Great Cornish Export Event – details below the video. 124 more words

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No-one says "The UK is your Oyster"

When you look back, ensure you have no regrets –

If you haven’t had Export Advice from Export Cornwall and you qualify, come and take part in the… 104 more words

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