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Work goes slow sometimes. I have learned so much this year that I know I shouldn’t begrudge my slower writing (Or more accurately, lack of speeding up my writing) throughout it. 383 more words

Vincent mon amour

J’aime Vincent Van Gogh.

Il me fait frissonner. Il bouleverse mon esprit. Il me fait verser des larmes devant ses meilleures toiles. Je perds la notion du temps pour un instant, sa folie géniale aspire mon regard vers ces arbres vibrants, vers ces étoiles qui rayonnent, vers ce ciel qui est vivant et qui m’entraîne dans une danse épuisante. 66 more words

An introduction

This is neither my first blog nor my first research journal. My first blog turned out to be more of a burden than a helpful device because it was largely separate from my day-to-day work and therefore the time commitment it demanded detracted from my ability to study and do research. 200 more words


Breaking the Hold of Condemnation

The root of every condemnation in man can be found in his ignorance of two things: firstly, his ignorance of the most important personality in the universe. 514 more words


Chicks and Dudes

My friend, T, called me the other morning, distraught. It seems T’s significant other had just walked out, very upset, and was about ready to break up. 796 more words



The word ‘Human’ derives its origin from the root word, ‘humus’ (or earth) which signifies a state of imperfection, incompleteness, error, et al. Man therefore by nature is imperfect and is prone to error. 337 more words