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Le musée imaginaire de Tintin

Du 12 février au 31 août 2015, le musée en herbe (Paris) accueille, le musée imaginaire de Tintin.
L’article du site officiel de Tintin
le site du musée en herbe
La plaquette de l’expo

ISBN-13: 978-0544003415

There’re a few things I have to talk about before I launch into a digressive blog about Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. 1,580 more words


Tearing a sentence apart

The sun shone across the water, making it sparkle, dance, reflect into the sailor’s eyes; and he smiled, knowing it would be a good day; a good day to die, but a good day all the same. 590 more words


Week 4: Textielmuseum / Textile museum

WEEK 4, 2015

This weekend I went to the Textiel Museum in Tilburg.  Originally I went to see the body jewels and smart textiles exhibition. Last semester I did a project in the Wearable Senses theme and thus I became interested in other design project within this theme. 61 more words


Chains of semigroups

I have written here about the lovely formula for the length of the longest chain of subgroups in the symmetric group Sn: take n, increase it by 50% (rounding up if necessary), subtract the number of ones in the base 2 representation of n, and subtract another 1, to get the answer. 382 more words


A Very Real Peace


When Jihad reached its climax, on the day that the Jihadists and Islamist fundamentalists did their worst, it was the beginning of the end for the War on Terror. 694 more words