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Real Heaven Is a Troubled Stream: Examining My Love of the Anti-Hero

It all began with my fascination with characters such as the Beast from the classic Faerie Tale, the Phantom of the Opera in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s modern opera, and Javert in Les Miserable.  1,432 more words


stage of dreams

There’s something about the World Cup. There’s something about that magical possibility that exists. The soccer pitch has long been a place of sanctuary and freedom for me, and every four years, it gets a little more… 278 more words


12 llocs, 12 moments


Cada dia ens despertem, els qui en tenim passegem el gos, esmorzem, anem a la feina, els qui en tenim passegem el gos, dinem, tornem a la feina, els que en tenim passegem el gos, sopem, els que en tenim, podem o no, tornar a passejar el gos, anem a dormir. 201 more words


A Song in the Wilderness

Psalm 63, a psalm of David when he was in the wilderness of Judah, articulates his heart before God. Four aspects of the psalm stand out from a close look at the language of the prayer. 521 more words


Avive & Board Dripper présentent l'exposition - Nómada -

Avive et Board Dripper présentent - Nómada -
une exposition célébrant 3 ans d’échanges culturels entre Québec et le Festival d’art urbain Board Dripper à Querétaro au Mexique. 35 more words


Here's what you need to know

As the rewrite/polish of the mystery-comedy continues, it suddenly hit me that while I knew the backstory of what came before, somebody reading it for the first time would have no idea what was going on, or at least how we got here. 143 more words


Food, Feeding, and Sociality in the South: The Troubling Case of "The Grit"

I find that it’s a common mistake we make, to assume that the foods with which we are familiar are also familiar to everyone.  This misapprehension of ubiquity can be the root of some rather interesting encounters at grocery stores and out in the world in general.  742 more words