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Regular polytopes, 2

In the preceding post with this title, I showed how to translate the existence question for regular polytopes into one concerning groups, specifically string C-groups… 795 more words


Agenda – Exposition Design And Style Can Change The World

Nous vous en parlions il y a quelques semaines, l’exposition Design and style Can Alter The Planet arrive, elle se déroulera à l’Espace Commines Paris du eight au 13 Septembre 2014 soigneusement orchestré par MeetMyProject. 19 more words

Social Media Birthdays

Facebook fundamentally changed the nature of birthdays for anyone who uses the site. Instead of getting one insincere card from your office and a couple sincere cards from your family, you now get dozens of insincere well-wishes from people you knew in high school. 791 more words


Writers Tip #74: Exposition Tips From Chuck

When you read your story, does it sound off, maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know you’ve done something wrong? Sometimes–maybe even lots of times–there are simple fixes. 454 more words

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Regular polytopes, 1

One of the topics I am thinking about with Dimitri Leemans at present concerns regular polytopes. He and his co-authors Maria Elisa Fernandes and Mark Mixer have produced some nice results and a tantalising problem about these objects. 907 more words


Sharing Stories - Exposition

Blogging is beautiful.

One of my favorite professors used to wax rhapsodic about mythology.  Mythology, he would enthuse in bright-eyed Received Pronunciation, is what keeps us alive.   271 more words


Chatty Primates: Bipedal Babies, Big Brains, and Language

On this particular Sunday afternoon, I’ve been moving through some ideas about language.  I’ve spoken about Muses proper and informal, the power of the written word, and even touched upon the mystic nature of the creative mindset.  1,076 more words