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Help me welcome our newest writer, Sohaina, by reading and commenting on this writer’s first submission, My Pets. Sohaina’s pets come from two different countries and sound like a lot of fun. 177 more words

Young Writers

If You Don't Love Essays, You're Reading (And Writing) The Wrong Kind

Grade school ruined me. And it likely did you, too.

Well okay, maybe not as bad as that. But it did foster in me a derisive attitude toward essays and writing that I didn’t shake until I reached my twenties. 854 more words

On Writing

Keep It Together

Before our trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, last week, we discussed writing multiple paragraphs. To make it easier to understand, I decided to use our previous trip to Florida to demonstrate writing a piece with multiple paragraphs.  323 more words


Support, Acknowledge & Respond

In writing researcher papers the authors should “make a claim, back it with reasons, support them with evidence, acknowledge and respond to other views, and sometimes explain your principles of reasoning” (Booth, Colomb & Williams, 2003, p. 261 more words


Okay, Sergeant Friday didn’t actually say “Just the facts, ma’am.” But still a helpful way to remember to stay on track for persuasive and explanatory writing.

Advice And Tips

A Little Fun Characterization...

For a class I am taking this semester, we were given an assignment to model an essay after one of the author’s we had read so far.   1,069 more words