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Information-based Writing

With today’s shortened class periods due to our weekly advisement, today’s lesson focused mainly upon looking over yesterday’s Essay Scorer data and in the understanding and creation of infographics. 181 more words


Expository Exposed: Days 1 and 2

Both today and yesterday the students worked either individually or together to explore Expository writing.  They each started class with a question asked via the daily PowerPoint and via Padlet.   144 more words


In-Class Art Gallery and Expository Writing Showcase

Upon returning from my last-minute mission yesterday, I brought a selection of 9 works of art for the students to view. The students first had to write down their thoughts and feelings while viewing… 295 more words


Agent Investigates Disappearance with Student Help

At approximately 11:15 a.m. on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014, Agent Keen (often seen on NBC’s “The Blacklist”) arrived to the classroom of Ms. N. Williams in order to investigate her whereabouts.   73 more words


Evaluating Stories: #Pointergate and Student-Created Rubrics (November 10th, 2014)

We started class this Monday as we do every Monday with current events.  Instead of asking the students for what they saw occurring in the world this weekend, I invited them to engage in a discussion around the #pointergate story that blew up over social media this weekend.   191 more words


ELA B10: Equity and Ethics,

Examine injustices in Canadian history.
This video details some of the racism in Canada’s history.

Complete the reading and viewing exercise below.
Equity and Ethics Equal Opportunity… 90 more words

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