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Down in the Catacombs - A Flash Illusion

JoDee and I visited Fort Popham in Phippsburg this past week. This old ruin is truly amazing to visit. The interior actually reminded me of the underground catacombs in Fresno, and I thought back to Tolkien’s underground dwarf kingdoms. 96 more words


Exposure 101

Exposure refers to the camera reproducing the image we see with our eyes with the correct levels of brightness to make a good photograph. There are three camera setting that work in combination to produce a properly exposed image – not too light, nor too dark. 559 more words


The Day I Took My Clothes Off in Yoga Class

I had tried a short stint of Bikram yoga a few years back. From what I remembered it was hot, and it was painful, but it was also really invigorating. 896 more words

Signal-to-noise: learn it, know it, live it*

Gah, such a good article.  Remember signal-to-noise is a RATIO.

Why? Because CCD and CMOS chips are linear devices. And, of course, each F/Stop records half of the light of the previous one, and therefore half the remaining data space available.  71 more words

Three Months, Two Weeks and Five Days.

This week has been pretty amazing. It has been one of those weeks that I had always dreamed about, but never though would come true before I started recovery. 244 more words

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