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Experiments with Exposure

I took these three photographs of the same lightbulb on the 4th of December, 2014. 21 more words


The exposure trapeziums (trapezoids)

Note, this article is mostly for RAW-shooters, not so much for folks who abuse their cameras by shooting JPG’s straight out of camera.

ISO and noise… 350 more words

Digital Camera Technology And Science


when you overspend your energetic income
by overstimulating & overtaxing your nervous system
you hit recession
you flip into recoil: your body self-corrects
it siphons its charge back in order to rebalance itself… 49 more words

I think I have seasonal depression

I am a happy person nearly all of the time, I am that kind of person that is always smiling and cheerful.  But lately in these winter months I have been feeling quite down.   150 more words

А че так дорого?! (С) часть 2

Итак, мы уже выяснили, что провенанс работы имеет колоссальное значение на ее стоимость. Другим очень важным фактором является частота появления картины на публике. Эти два фактора составляют, так называемый, “паспорт” картины.