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Baby I’m tired of making appearances
I’m sick of dressing
I’d lose my mind
Before I lost my composure
And you radiate
Let your body go… 154 more words

First Exposure: To Blog or Not To Blog

I’ve been pondering lately, about whether to dive in the idea of writing or to remain in the shallowness of hesitation. Ever since I was a small human, I would write stories and never finish them. 287 more words

Exercise - Variety With A Low Sun

Photo 1 – Frontal Lighting

With the sun behind the camera, striking the subject fully.

Photo 2 – Side Lighting

With the sun to the left or right.   46 more words

The Art Of Photography

_34 Bastille Et Vierge Noire Avec Jonny


Route map here

Even though we had already ridden earlier in the day on a pretty good length ride, we decided it would be cool to go ride the trails on La Bastille as the sun set and then go for a beer in the city on the way back. 371 more words



Revisiting experimentation with long exposure photography and images that weren’t used for my final project outcome. I could have probably incorporated this idea into one or more final outcomes given a longer development period, but they will serve well as a future reference for other projects.

My Mind is a Battle Field

The Fight

The shadows of the soldiers on the opposite side seemed to blend into one dark, writhing mass. They would advance forward toward us, stop, then advance again. 403 more words