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Day 694: Oddly specific gratitude

Uh-oh.  Here I was, all ready to write a particularly judgmental post, during these Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally, called “Pet Peeves,” and I got tagged by blogging master Chatter Master to participate in something called “Oddly Specific Gratitude,” which has a list of instructions of how to do something right, which is one of my pet peeves, because I’m often afraid that I’ll screw things up, especially when it’s something I have’t done before. 2,942 more words

Personal Growth

A Natural Progression

Thankfully the following month all sorts of financial support flooded in from several churches and individuals who heard what he was doing and his project officially launched. 636 more words


Jack Cornwell Decoration

With all the struggles, the pain, the fights, sometimes I wished for it all to end but tonight I realized there are few people as fortunate as me. 961 more words


Life's little gifts

Open the drawer,
what will you find?
Forgotten treasure,
something sublime?


Expressing Gratitude Brings Me Closer to Myself

I am 71. I was born during a World War – another “war to end all wars”. I’ve lived through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, entrenched fear of Communism, Middle East Wars, September 11th, jobs I hated, a challenging marriage, teenagers with troubles – sometimes very big ones, financial losses, early stages of breast cancer and many other events both personal and world events. 395 more words


In Gratitude of a Father's Service to His Country

I likely won’t get through this without crying, but Veteran’s Day was never about celebration anyway, so I’m okay with that.

Every Veteran’s Day, I’ve known exactly whom I wanted to honor. 663 more words


Remembrance Day

Remembering those who gave their lives, and those who came back changed 

Expressing Gratitude