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Listening to Myself - Part 3

I’ve been feeling much better since I wrote Listening to Myself – Part 2 about a week ago. I want to thank the people who reached out to me in response to that post: your support has meant the world to me. 406 more words

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Living with your best friend

Don’t do it. Don’t you do it. Don’t you ever do it.

There’s nothing fun about your best friend owing you a crap ton of money for cable and pg&e, and then watching boxes get delivered to your house filled with stuff she’s buying on the internet. 47 more words


Ardo Easy Clean Microwave Bag

I’ve proudly been breastfeeding now for almost eleven months, I know I harp on about it, but it is a huge accomplishment for me given that I was unable to with Moo. 420 more words

Product Review

Why hello there :D

Hi, my name is Arnette. I decided to create a blog because well, basically, i have trouble expressing myself in person… So i thought, what better way than to express myself through here? 119 more words

Our breastfeeding journey so far!

I’m not sure when I decided that breastfeeding was the right thing for us, I just know that I wanted to give it a real go! 506 more words


Yesterday we found out that our son, the Peanut, is hungry.  As in, not putting on enough weight hungry.

It’s funny what a few hundred grams between Drs can do. 537 more words

That feeling when you know that what happened in the past will stay there isnt much of a feeling as it a fact, but the feeling is the knowing that how this had left you, or turned you to someone you can barely recognize makes everything look like an old washed out piece of cloth. 57 more words