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“The weeping willows

Stand quiet in the forest

Drooping their branches

Like an emerald blanket

Hiding themselves from the world.”

“Bright green, alluring

They sway gently in the breeze… 16 more words



To be one with all that is ,is natural . Strip away all that comes between who you think you are and your true nature and you’ll find peace, love, fulfillment and abundance . 6 more words


Heaven's Whispers

In quiet moments,
Heaven whispers its secrets.
Swells of wind brush the ear,
Speaking magic to the soul.

And oh, does the soul fly!
It awakens from Heaven’s precious gift, 46 more words

Music, College, And Life

Wow! After a few days in the jungle we were ready to leave. There was absolutely no reception anywhere and nearly impossible to meet up with our group.

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The Nature of Camping

I don’t care to much for camping. I know many people do. The connection to nature, the relaxation. Camping for me however isn’t that relaxing. I do like some aspects of camping. 208 more words

Consciousness, God, religions, children and G.I Joe :-)

There is a child inside every one of us. Even when we “grow up” and become serious about “winning or making money,” the child still remains there but somehow repressed. 1,141 more words


Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.

Ansel Adams

The art of photography allows people to get to know the photographer.

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