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Shades of Memory

A rose twisted in the sky
It spread its wings across blue haze
Enveloped by the shades of red
Each shade a symbol, a hope thats bled… 201 more words


My Burden

Your answers don’t make sense

Or explain any hint of innocence

So you can see why I get overly pissed

When you “explain” with empty words… 115 more words


Have you wondered? ...

I was asked recently to describe what advocacy is. I found there is no concise, correct response as advocacy is varied and diverse.

What is Advocacy? 432 more words



Money is not power and freedom, but the reputation and ranking we as human beings have given it, is what gives it the power to control us and rule us…and if death paid a billion pounds, half the population of the planet would commit suicide.

Just like the love in my heart

Colors dance freely across my eyelids
Pastels, neutrals, and neons swirling
Creating a depth so vast, an ocean could not contain
Just like the love in my heart… 101 more words


Moledro n. a feeling of resonant connection with an author or artist you’ll never meet, who may have lived centuries ago and thousands of miles away but can still get inside your head and leave behind morsels of their experience, like the little piles of stones left by hikers that mark a hidden path through unfamiliar territory.

wear protection

HER rejection

like armor



inevitable curse

without you

like a lost purse

fear rushes

she blushes

yet shut down


i’m okay.

calm… 20 more words

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