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Comeback !

I’ve disappeared for a few months (disappeared from myself as well!! )But i’ve been through a lot of ups and downs and now I’m ready for a comeback. 79 more words


22 December

Everybody should be kind to each other on Christmas. Here in the town of Turku there is a very old tradition that “Christmas peace” is declared on every Christmas Eve. 87 more words


Non-commital Collages

I made something else now. Maybe I’m getting back into launching myself into art again. It’s interesting to think how much more in touch I was with self-expression back in art school. 159 more words

Life As A Wheel

Life is a wheel that spins slowly,

the grand circle of joy and despair.

If I can, I’ll try to stop the wheel

and live forever without time or lines. 236 more words



12th September 2013

I chastise my spirit, perpetual
This cycle is habitual
I’m the subject of a witches’ brew
You either escape or you fall in, which are you? 244 more words



Keep yourself at peace. Only then will you know happiness.