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Looks like he made a wrong move...>>>An Oops moment !!<<<

I don’t know why i wanted to draw him (Joey) in this awkward pose. Really, I mean it.

And, it’s one of my own creations ! 31 more words


Erasing Commandments

We have an innate desire to define things. Everything has to be named and labeled. In my home, there is nothing that can’t be described.. black shelves on a bookcase that houses novels, a doorknob that can be twisted and turned to reveal the skeletons in my closet, a place where my clothes patiently dangle from hangers, waiting to be worn. 698 more words

Looks Aren't Everything... But Confidence May Be!

People who spend more time getting ready before going outside tend to be a bit more comfortable regarding the way they look. They know they have done their best to look their best. 196 more words


Here I Am

All bundled up ☺
I rarely post photos of myself…I’ve actually become a bit shy in that regard. Yet this one…well, I like it. I look happy and as that eluded me this past 6 weeks it must be celebrated. 12 more words


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


The Sun: What Price For An Even Surface?

My most recent column on the state of the roads in the Klang Valley, a hazard for all motorists and cyclists.

I am very happy that groups like this exist and that social media has caused an uprising of activity among civil society.

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