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The Color of my Sky: a poem

Clear, blue skies enveloped my days,
when I pondered as a child, who will I be?
The beauty of youth lies in the freedom to wonder, 204 more words


I shall listen~

It’s not meant for me to speak…

not always meant for my words..

to be heard…

but ….

it is meant for me to listen… 58 more words


Which Crystals Are Good For Sensitive Children? - Crystal Recommendations - Information About Crystals As A Healing Tool

May I be protected I ask..

as a child ..

lost in emotion…

Help me with this confusion..

so that I may feel happy…

give me this gift of the earth.. 45 more words


Inner Sun

My inner sun rises

as the days journey begins

to unfold with each breath..



Your Body Knows What It's Doing: a poem

There is no heaven like heaven on Earth.
Once, in health class, we measured heart rates,
and mine beat so fast that I thought
my veins were too thin; so… 98 more words


A World Away: a poem

I wish you weren’t a world away.
When I lie in bed at night,
I always stare out the window
at the dimming streetlight,
and I wonder what you are doing… 96 more words


There is Solace in Loud Silence: a poem

There is solace in loud silence.

The concrete under you,
acting as much needed support,
as unconditional guidance.

The sky above you,
a reminder of hope, 292 more words