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i am... (take 1)

i am…
    bored and restless

i am not…
    wanting to spend time with in-laws tonight

i feel…
    sad and lost

i want…
    to cut

i need… 74 more words


Fall in Love

I fell in love with myself a few years ago.
I don’t remember when I fell out,
But I remember when I was a child the world was so magical to… 317 more words

Brandi Vicks

Six of One

Perhaps it’s because I’m basically an old-fashioned kind of girl that I tend to toss out old phrases like “don’t count your chickens,” “look before you leap,” along with one of my catch alls: “six of one, half dozen of another.” I tend to add that one in when there is a stalemate to a discussion. 135 more words

August 9th

I looked outside this morning and was amazed by the everlasting beauty of the world. Will it ever be the same from morning to morning or will it continue to change? 230 more words



As we awaken

more to our true self

and become more aware of the LOVE that surrounds us..

..We Root ourselves to Mother Earth..

.She fills us with Love and Keeps us Grounded.. 66 more words


The Color of my Sky: a poem

Clear, blue skies enveloped my days,
when I pondered as a child, who will I be?
The beauty of youth lies in the freedom to wonder, 204 more words


I shall listen~

It’s not meant for me to speak…

not always meant for my words..

to be heard…

but ….

it is meant for me to listen… 58 more words