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God is a mystery ,psalms 25 depicts that!.He is beyond human comprehension,He is a big God,literally God holds the whole earth in the palm of his hand.You can’t figure it out,you just enjoy the journey.This is part 2 of how God sometimes uses your weakness in his great agenda.He invites you to take pleasure and to partake in the extasy of his wonder.You see, even when i was doing my best reaching out to the masses,in buses,road sides and market stalls,i got hold of something or rather something was reaveled to me ,i cannot be God.I saw myself better than others and people didn’t pay much attention when i preached at them.Many a times i got angry at them .Well folks! 33 more words


At age 22 i decided to go for God.I had alot of rubble to uncover,12 years of guilt and shame had attracted several demonic spirits and i knew i had to die to live.First things first, i gave myself to prayer and developed my prayer language.Secondly ,i gave myself to fasting so that my inner man could outdo the outer man.Lastly ,i gave myself to the church in service.As years passed ,i thirsted after God,i wanted nothing to do with the world.I just wanted my Godly inheritance.Pretty soon the price time came and i had to choose God over my dreams,passions,family and friends .I counted my self a living matyre and when the fullness of time came the anointing was overpoured out of my inner man into the world.On 29th of february 2013, i took to the streets to preach the gospel of jesus christ.Chapter 38


~One Soul~

Within me you come

as my divine light 

on high, shines

you come

melding with my very soul

you are the divine

wisdom, knowledge

and presence of the past  25 more words


~A Gift~

A time for you within the space

of a day is a gift

for which is shared while one is in service

of love and peace… 38 more words


~Losing~Control ~

Today you had control

As did you not realize

that you were 

controlling things

within your thoughts

you were indeed,

Thinking of the why..what …when… 53 more words



I see the magic that you pass on while you are living from the heart…

The light that is within is guidance enough for you are a miracle walking along with others… 12 more words


If You Can~ Please Vote

I have entered a Contest for “Baby Hawk” a Baby Carrier Company.

Being a grandmother of 3 under 3 I would be blessed to carry them in a Carrier with my Art work on the Carrier!! 88 more words