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Denise VanBriggle

Denise VanBriggle is an expressive arts aficionado, reiki practitioner, and JourneyDance™ facilitator. She is a teacher, writer, dancer, and dreamer. Most of her days are spent exploring the power of the expressive arts to act as change agents, perspective shifters, and resilience builders. 1,949 more words

Interviews With Incredible Women

I have decided that while interviewing and profiling individuals whom inspire me everyday is paramount for me, I believe it is important to my development to share some of my own pieces of writing. 237 more words

Elder U.

As I was preparing for an art making class at a senior home last Thursday, a resident asked if I knew where the manager was. When a nearby aide told me the request was coming from a 104-year-old, I couldn’t believe it: I told Eleanora she didn’t look a day over eighty. 264 more words