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Miss Shaw has introduced you to someone important in the world of art.  

Who is Kandinsky?  What did he do?  What is he famous for?

Expressive Arts

Burns Day At Breakfast Club

The children of Breakfast Club have been up to lots this week. On Friday there were lots of fun activities in preparation for Burns Day. Check out what’s been happening here….

Primary 1

Healing and Grieving with Art

This past week our community has lost a great friend, artist and PC graduate, Cricket Harrington. I’ve experienced grief in so many different, strange ways and I’d be lying if I said I’ve gotten my s**t together since finding out about their death. 502 more words

P6/7 report on Hurricane Katrina

P6/7 wrote their own news report scripts after doing research on Hurricane Katrina. They did an excellent job! I can see a few gracing our screens in the future! 107 more words

Primary 6

P7 VE Day celebrations!

Primary 7 finished off their World War II topic today with a VE Day party! They looked fab all dressed up and had a great time singing war songs, dancing and finishing off with a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Primary 6