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Play as a powerful language experience

Play is the most important way that children learn about their world. It is difficult to define exactly what play is because it is as limitless as your child’s imagination. 643 more words

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Talk to Me Baby: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ball Pit

If I thought three months was bad before, now its been FOUR.

For those who are new to following this and simply because it has been so long, I’m creating a series of posts on popular baby/toddler toys and how you can use them to facilitate Speech and Language Development. 1,501 more words


4 activities for language development

We are surrounded by toys, books and electronics that claim to be the newest and best resource for teaching your child to talk and learn. But did you know that a responsive adult can be the BEST tool for play and language development? 467 more words

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Preschool children and grammar

During the preschool years, children’s spoken language matures from using key words to convey meaning (around 18 months) through to using long sentences to talk about the things they have done or plan to do (around 5 years). 634 more words

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Making music part of speech therapy

Music has a positive impact on everyone. Children love making music and participating in musical activities. There are so many ways that music and songs can be incorporated into the day with children and the benefits are huge. 439 more words

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The power of music

Music is very powerful and children love music. Music is an amazing tool for children to connect and communicate. Music helps children learn language. Music is also soothing and calming. 369 more words

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Talking about actions with Preschoolers

Action words. Verbs. Doing words. These words describe what is happening or what someone is doing. All sentences need action words in order to make sense. 560 more words

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