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Using books to develop language

There is so much advice out there that recommends reading books with your child to develop their language. But did you know that HOW you read is just as important as WHAT books you read to your child? 770 more words

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Expressive Language, Receptive Language, and Prayer

Zach turned 10 over the weekend. It makes me wonder where the time has gone. And it also makes me think about where he is in his development. 625 more words


How to help your child learn new words

It can be mesmerising listening to children speak and use words that seem so mature for their age. I heard a 3 year old child tell me the other day, “I’m incwebly strong you know.” Despite the difficulty articulating the word, I was impressed by his adjective. 442 more words

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My Favorite App: PicCollage

Despite the plethora of speech and language apps available for phones and tablets, I actually don’t use them that much in therapy. This is mainly because I find that most of my little clients are so proficient at using touchscreens that they tune me out as soon as they get their hands on a phone or tablet and all meaningful interaction ceases. 648 more words


Spotlight on three year olds

Three year olds are typically becoming more independent, talking more and beginning to play more interactively. No longer toddlers, three year olds are growing up and showing some very clever communication!

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Developing narrative through Puppet Pals movies

In my specialist ASD primary school, I have been looking for narrative activities for a class of fairly verbal 7-9 year olds. Puppet pals (a free app) presents a wealth of different opportunities for expressive language in an individual as well as whole class setting and could work from preschool upwards. 353 more words

Preschool Language

Spotlight on one year olds

Let’s have a look at the one year old! Understanding an ever-increasing vocabulary, developing recognisable words, beginning early sentences and learning the rules of turn-taking and interacting – this year of life is action packed!

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