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A Receptive or Expressive Language Disorder May be the Source for a Communication Issue

Communication is conducted primarily through receptive and expressive language skills. The expressive language skill can be summarized by how a person conveys meanings and intentions to another. 309 more words

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3 activities to encourage listening skills in children

Listening refers to the ability to focus on auditory information. Listening is one of the most important skills for children. Children need good listening skills to learn from their environment. 340 more words

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Improving language using bubbles

I have only ever met one child who hasn’t loved bubbles – he was 9 months old and had never before seen these strange shiny balls floating in the air, and promptly burst into tears. 464 more words

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3 ideas to create opportunities for communication throughout the day

When children want something, they will learn very quickly how to get it. And they can often succeed in obtaining what they want without communicating much with you. 495 more words

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Top Ten Uses for Plastic Drink Bottles

Many communities have recycling programs for used plastic bottles, but whether yours does or not, you can upcycle your used plastic drink bottles for some fun activities with your kids. 631 more words


Our top play dough tips for preschoolers

Children love to help out making play dough (with close supervision). As their language and play skills develop, the uses for play dough will expand as far as your child’s imagination will allow. 479 more words

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