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The power of music

Music is very powerful and children love music. Music is an amazing tool for children to connect and communicate. Music helps children learn language. Music is also soothing and calming. 369 more words

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Talking about actions with Preschoolers

Action words. Verbs. Doing words. These words describe what is happening or what someone is doing. All sentences need action words in order to make sense. 560 more words

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Encouraging first action words

Children typically start putting two words together to make small sentences at around two years of age. In order to be able to do this, children need to be using enough single words to be able to create a sentence that makes sense, and that also relates to the world around them. 589 more words

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A Receptive or Expressive Language Disorder May be the Source for a Communication Issue

Communication is conducted primarily through receptive and expressive language skills. The expressive language skill can be summarized by how a person conveys meanings and intentions to another. 309 more words

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3 activities to encourage listening skills in children

Listening refers to the ability to focus on auditory information. Listening is one of the most important skills for children. Children need good listening skills to learn from their environment. 340 more words

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Improving language using bubbles

I have only ever met one child who hasn’t loved bubbles – he was 9 months old and had never before seen these strange shiny balls floating in the air, and promptly burst into tears. 464 more words

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