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Dropped Signals

In sticky darkness
naseous anxiety scent
pervading tsunami effect
forcive of nature
drowns out everything else.

In these moments
precious small memories
of careful clarity… 85 more words


Shiny Memories

Gazing at the stars
we are both under
I wonder where you are

The cool riverbanks
are a close reminder
of times now swept… 74 more words


For April 20, 2014: What do You Want in a Doctor?

Then a door opens
and our leader rises
to introduce the night’s speaker
a young surgeon, his slide-tray at his side.
“Greetings, Gentlemen,” he grins…
1,128 more words

Cancer & Writing

White Noise

fleeting memories flowing
consciously streamed erratic
spliced over static
cutting and covering

night’s power trip
domination and control
exerted no toll
morning’s slow drip

in line kept… 49 more words



Looking forward to starts
looking down to ends
gazing smiling nicety
a found fragility.

Left outside the picture
right inside the wall
noxious nauseous happy… 44 more words


Day of Rest?

Sundays are supposed to be for resting … at least in my Universe. Yet this has not been a day of rest. It’s been a good day, a busy day, but not a restful day. 482 more words

Being Night Owl

For the Week of April 13, 2014: Begin with a Recipe...

Take some flour. Oh, I don’t know,
like two-three cups, and you cut
in the butter. Now some women
they make it with shortening,
but I say butter, even though…
909 more words

Writing And Wellness