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For the Week of December 14, 2014: Smells: They Make Your Heart Strings Crack

‘Tis the season…or so the ads proclaim.  Drive through the streets, and houses blaze with colored lights, some garish, others more tasteful.  Walk into any store and holiday decorations abound, but by now, weeks old now, my brain has been on strike, protesting against the commercial glitter and recorded Christmas carols playing since Halloween.  896 more words

Expressive Writing

Writing in Your Own Hand

How many of you still handwrite? I don’t just mean a letter to a friend or relative (although handwritten letters are growing increasingly rare) or a reminder to do something or shopping list. 1,982 more words

Nina Munteanu

Pupil Dilation


Eyes no water

Still, I have thirst

I’m not starved, more say dehydrated

It’s just that my soul needs a burst… of love

I can be fly, but at the same time shy, why? 351 more words

Creative Writing

Bagaimana Menulis Membuat Anda Lebih Sehat

Menulis menurut Haruki Murakami adalah salah satu aktivitas yang kurang sehat. Ada betulnya memang. Bayangkan Anda harus duduk di sebuah kursi di dalam ruangan selama belasan jam lamanya setiap hari sampai lupa (atau melupakan) kegiatan lainnya seperti makan, minum, atau beristirahat di malam hari sesuai kebutuhan tubuh yang… 1,022 more words


For the Week of December 7, 2014: Friends: The Other is Gold...

This past week I had lunch with my friend, Sue, both of us temporarily free of schedules that left little time for midday socializing.  Sue was my “first” friend when I moved to San Diego seven and a half years ago.  985 more words

Expressive Writing

Cleaning up my Sloppy Tongue with out soap

I was on hiatus for the holidays these past couple of day taking a break from thinking, well not entirely, but the kind of thinking that looks like a snail crossing the road. 297 more words

For the Week of November 30, 2014: Sleepless Nights

I had one of them last night:  a nighttime defined by restlessness, tossing and turning to get comfortable, eyeing the hands of the clock every fifteen minutes.  833 more words

Expressive Writing