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For The Week of August 17, 2014: When Life Doesn't Come With Instructions

I bought a portable stand up desk last week, part of a series of actions I’ve taken to manage the bouts of pain associated with my damaged tailbone.  571 more words

Writing And Wellness


the water came rushing

cold and unforgiving

dark and filling up our lungs

the trees were outlines of a blurred sense of familiar against the the black sky… 295 more words


War Song

The piercingly pretty sirens scream out,
the quickly insulting attacks take mount.
A waterfall of mortar and fire
spills over the walls of altruism.

The agents carry out their operations, 67 more words


For the Week of August 10th, 2014: Take One a Day & Smile

when you are raised with the gift of laughter, as I was, it can’t stay suppressed forever… I eventually could see bits of “ha-ha” in my own life. 925 more words

Writing And Wellness

For Ultimate Health and Healing: Journal consistently, not just during emotional events

Introspection is critical for our health and well being, and our spiritual growth. In the form of expressive writing or journaling, introspection is especially beneficial because it allows us to disclose information that we otherwise might not admit to others or even ourselves. 560 more words

Expressive Writing


My cigarette drags a familiar glow

I sit…I watch…..the red glow reminding me of whatever I need it to

Pain…fire….just the simple reminder that my friend is still there… 173 more words



Rising in the smokey aftermath,
a thing of forgotten time,
challenges the electric aether,
with history-repeating rhyme.

Sweetest graceful lovely relic,
twirling tongue of the old world, 162 more words